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Finally a Safer Sunscreen!

By Ed Jones | June 4, 2012

We all take for granted that what we have always done in our life is safe and effective but new information almost weekly is strongly suggesting that so much of our treasured rituals may be in question.  Ideas such as medical screenings, stents for heart disease, cell phone safety, drinking wine for health, etc.  One…

Let me tell you about one of the worst tasting and expensive supplements at Nutrition World

By Ed Jones | May 22, 2012

The product is Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C and is a advanced technology of delivering extremely high serum levels of Vitamin C to the body using a special process.

Take Care Of Your Factory…

By Ed Jones | May 7, 2012

I want to ask you to try to imagine for a moment that you owned the world’s largest factory


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