Reducing Pain is as Easy as 1,2,3.

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I have exercised religiously for 40 years in gyms around Chattanooga and despite these 4 decades that have passed, I am still completely able to work out with great intensity and with relatively little pains. 

I attribute most of my lack of pain to the supplement and eating program that encourages reduced inflammation and quick recuperation.  Did you know that almost ALL chronic diseases are caused by inflammation and that the only common denominator of individuals who live over 100 is reduced insulin and low inflammation.

I have determined the following rules to achieve the lowest level of inflammation.

  1. Eat a diet consisting of limiting fast acting carbohydrates such as pasta, rice, bread, juices, sugars, and focus mainly on colored vegetables, protein foods, raw nuts and small amounts of whole fruits.
  2. Take high levels of omega 3 fish oils, (at least 2 high potency daily).  Raise your Vitamin D levels to over 50ng/ml but not over 90ng/ml.  (we offer testing at Nutrition World).  Take twice daily the herb curcumin to lower inflammatory responses in the body.
  3. Take Solgar No. 7.  This product consists of a well researched formula that offers much greater joint comfort, increased flexibility and increased mobility in almost everyone.  This product not only makes pain lessen in a few weeks but is quite impressive to prevent joint discomfort in those who exercise at a high intensity or just hurting from age.  Solgar No. 7 uses an ingredient called UC-2 that re-educates the immune system to not attack the joints which can be a cause of chronic pain as we age.

Last Minute news release:  I have completely reviewed with experts that I totally respect regarding the study that supposedly linked omega 3 with cancer and can tell you without doubt that you should completely ignore this study.  The facts can be read by click on the the following link: Fish Oil Study.


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