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Pre-Workout Supplement

Transparent Labs Bulk Pre-Workout

One of the most complete formulas that we have ever used or seen. With its clinically dosed blend of amino acids and nervous system stimulants it offers the best potential for driving an individual through a difficult training session. The same formula is offered in a caffeine-free version that replaces the predominant stimulant (caffeine) with creatine hydrochloride. This is our favorite version of the product. With the creatine and other focus driving ingredients (L-Dopa, L-Norvaline, and Choline) it offers the same benefits without the nervous system stimulants. This allows folks, such as myself, who may workout later in the day to have a great training session without the risk of being a little too awake after their training session. As a bonus, this product is “all natural” meaning no artificial anythings including sweeteners. And yet, it still tastes and works fantastically.

Intra Workout Supplement

NutraBio Intra Blast Amino Acid and Recovery Powder

Our favorite product in the sports nutrition market. This product has everything; Essential amino acids (including the all important BCAAs) in high amounts, electrolytes, strength and growth hormone potentiators without the use of creatine, and a healthy dose of the amino acid Glutamine to help the BCAAs stimulate quicker recovery. My favorite version of this product is the all-natural Intra. This one features zero artificial ingredients, including organic cane sugar instead of sucralose as a sweetener. This offers the added benefit of a mild insulin boosting agent that may help increase the speed at which the nutrients are shuttled into the muscle cells. And at only 5g of sugar per serving, it is still low enough to not warrant any worry for those watching carbohydrates.

Creatine Supplement

Creatine Glycerol Phosphate by Metabolic Nutrition

This one takes the “W” for our favorite creatine supplement. Though there is little evidence that binding creatine to a phosphate group actually leads to quicker or more muscle gains, there is good evidence that this particular formula which also contains other minerals and vitamins does absorb better and with less gastrointestinal distress than standard creatine monohydrate. There is enough evidence to support taking this type of creatine over basic monohydrate and it is still cheaper in most cases than the hydrochloride or “buffered” forms that seem to be the most popular, yet in our experience less effective than the CGP form.

Protein Supplement

Transparent Labs Grass-Fed Whey Protein Concentrate

This pick takes home first in our favorite protein category. There are many reasons for this starting with quality. Though there is not an overwhelming amount of evidence (yet) suggesting that grass-fed variations are better for overall muscle growth than the standard wheys, I will always go for quality in my supplements. Then there is the type of whey they use which is concentrate. Though for the last decade + most companies have pursued quicker more rapidly absorbing protein formulations (isolates and hydrolysates) more and more emerging research coupled with most people’s poor intestinal absorption capacity has led to a few companies sticking with the moderately slower and more nutrient dense version of whey called concentrate. This type tends to retain particular constituents like colostrum, immunoglobulins and lactoglobulins which help to feed the gastrointestinal tract and may influence immune function. Furthermore, slowing down the speed at which the protein digests even by only a few minutes may aid in absorption and decrease gastrointestinal distress. Lastly, it tastes really good! And does not use anything artificial, including sweeteners. 1 gram of naturally occurring sugar and some stevia is all this contains and it still tastes better than 90% of the protein supplements I have used in my almost 15 years of training.


Our nutrition professionals have researched the most effective sports nutrition products on the market. Different athletes have different needs. Consult with one of our professionals to choose the supplement that is right for you.

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