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B Vitamins and Your Genes

By Ed Jones | November 13, 2020

Do you ever think about how your genes impact your health? We may only think about our genes if a chronic disease runs in our family. But they can reveal much more than a likelihood of getting a disease. Sometimes when we experience less than optimal health, our genes can reveal a big part of…

Gas and Bloating: Naturally Decrease Those Dreaded Symptoms

By Amanda Ballard | November 6, 2020
gas and bloating pain

We’ve all experienced the uncomfortable and often embarrassing gas and bloating. Even foods that haven’t caused it before can suddenly make our tummies upset and cause those dreaded symptoms. If you’re in need of some relief (and aren’t we all at some point!), there are ways to reduce gas and bloating in a natural way.…

Insomnia: Two Products to Help Optimize Your Sleep

By Ed Jones | October 23, 2020
lady sleeping

Insomnia is the greatest challenge in my pursuit of optimal health. Yawn. Anybody else with me? It is not constant. It does come and go. But far too often for my liking. And that has been my motivation to study insomnia from a holistic standpoint. I want to be able to help those who struggle…

The Top 5 CBD Myths Explained

By Ed Jones | October 1, 2020
hemp plant

There is a lot of misinformation out there about CBD and hemp products. The market is now flooded with CBD stores. You can even buy it in gas stations! But, not all CBD is created equal. As always, we dedicate ourselves to researching everything holistic health so you can be informed. That’s why we’re here…

What Are Stem Cells & Why You Need to Nourish Them 

By Amanda Ballard | September 30, 2020
stem cells

Stem cells. You’ve likely heard of these crucial cells before. But, do you know what they are and how they work? For many of us, there may be some confusion about them. But, not to worry. We love discussing all the health and wellness whats, whys, and hows. So, here we are. Serving up everything…

What Supplements Should I Take When Feeling Unwell?

By Ed Jones | September 15, 2020
mask for feeling unwell

Have you ever been caught off guard by sickness? The kind that seems to come out of nowhere? I recently went through this myself and know I’m not the only one who’s ever had this experience. If you’re not feeling well and wondering, “What supplements should I take?” then this article is just for you.…

Supplement Safety: 3 Ingredients to Avoid

By Ed Jones | September 11, 2020
common nutrition supplements including fish oil and vitamins

Do you take vitamins? Would it surprise you to know that a whopping 89% of Americans take vitamins? Until recently, there has been a lack of acceptance in the medical community of nutritional supplements. And yet, despite that, the popularity of vitamins continues to grow every decade. And for good reason. Vitamins are essential to…

Irish Moss: A New Product That You Need on Your Radar

By Cady Kuhlman | September 1, 2020
irish moss powder

There’s a new product on the market that is getting a lot of attention right now–Irish Moss. This little species of red algae, also known as Chrondrus Crispus, grows on the rocky parts of the Atlantic Coast of Europe and North America. Its color can range from greenish-yellow to red, to almost a dark purple.…

EMF Protection: The Truth About EMF

By Ed Jones | August 27, 2020
electrical tower

Have you heard the term ‘EMF’ in recent news? It’s likely that you have but you may have questions. Like, what is it? And, how does it affect me? No fear, because we’re here to break it down for you and give you an EMF protection plan.   What is EMF? Electromagnetic Fields, or EMF,…

Testosterone: A Decline in Hormone Levels & What You Can Do About It

By Ed Jones | August 14, 2020
man standing alone

Did you know that the average testosterone levels of men today are at least 17% less than two decades ago? This decline has had a negative effect on a large percentage of our male population. Why? Lifestyle habits have changed. We’ll dive into these habits a bit deeper in a moment. But, first, what is…


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