Perfect Breakfast Recipe – Start Your Day with This Balanced Drink

I was looking for a way to keep my weight stable and stay healthy. Blood chemistry was the key. That’s why I start my day with the perfect breakfast recipe. It’s balanced with the perfect level of carbs, fat, and protein. I’m here to show you how I do it.

You know, after 40 years of experience in the nutrition and supplement industry, I've learned so much about the health of the human body. Today I want to talk about one of the most impressive and simple ways to improve your health that I started doing several years ago. I was looking for a way to reduce my body fat, decrease food cravings, allow for sustained energy in my morning workouts, keep my blood sugar stable, gain muscle, optimize my cognitive ability in the morning and keep my weight stable. I know that's a lengthy list and it probably sounds impossible to do, but hear me out. Because I've got the answer. Having optimal blood chemistry is the best way to achieve health goals and maintain a proper body weight. And starting your day with a nutritionally balanced breakfast of protein, carbs and proper fat, you really set yourself up for success all day long with your blood chemistry, energy levels and weight. The majority of Americans basically start their day with desserts, foods that are high in carbs and sugar like cereal, bagels, oatmeal, toast, not to mention things like muffins and donuts. When we start our day with these types of foods, our bodies will have a very difficult time recuperating regardless of what we eat through the rest of the day. You actually can't fix it once you start wrong. I found that mixing a breakfast drink is the best and almost only way I can guarantee my optimal blood chemistry and achieve my health goals. So today I want to show you how I personally make this magic drink for myself. I do it six out of seven days a week. I use water normally some people use coconut milk, maybe almond milk, I don't prefer it because I don't want to add to the carbohydrate content. And I love Penta Water is super hydrating but any good clean water will work. So I will use about eight to nine ounces of clean water. Then I'm going to use a product that I love the Metagenics Keto drink which is vanilla I prefer but the chocolate is excellent. I just get tired of chocolate every morning for breakfast. Then we'll use the Green Vibrance or Natural Factors greens powder. This is one of the most important products I think that anyone can do and it has so much to do with protecting your liver and reducing acidity and helping you to eliminate toxins. And this has probiotics in it. Then lastly, as far as the products, I will use hemp fiber. If many of you have been following my drink for some time I used to use flax fiber I'm less of a fan of that because it has a little bit too much omega six in it. So the flax fiber is not what I use but the hemp fiber and it also has some protein. Now I like to use some whole foods and I generally use the blueberries that are organic. Today I've got organic blackberries. So I will put about four to six of these big fat blackberries in there. Because those have phytochemicals in them that help maintain memory, especially the blueberries. And something like a Nutra Bullet or one of these cool mixers is fine Some days I will just use a spoon. This is going to be my breakfast and is almost every single day. It tastes unbelievable considering everything that's in it. But even people who are not the health food person like myself, they enjoy drinking it. This is what makes my chemistry so ideal, which then gives me the benefits that I want. Very, very good. Make sure the water is cold. Excellent. I almost promise you you will see results in only four weeks if you will do this. And and we are going to offer a super special at this time for only six days to celebrate my 63rd birthday and it's going to be a package deal that will be significantly reduced. So look for the deal and come in and change your life with one single thing this morning drink.