Don’t be afraid of these 5 foods

Not all fat is bad for you.

In fact it’s a necessary part of daily nutrition, but yet it’s gotten a bit of a bad rap over the years. High fat diets may present some health issues down the road and balance is always important in everything we do, but we would argue the majority of issues stem from the types and quality of fats being consumed. It’s hard to argue that a large box of fries from a fast food joint and grass-fed, organic ground beef have the same effect on our health, regardless of fat content.

This week we take a look at five foods many people try to limit: eggs, red/organ meat, coconut oil, chocolate, and butter. All of these have unique nutrients that are extremely beneficial to our health, but yet we’ve been told to stay away from them as much as possible. Ed breaks down why these delicious foods may not be as bad for you as you think.