Bulletproof Coffee: Start Your day with More Energy & Clearer Thinking

Our breakfast options are usually not that great. From cereals, to pastries, and even our coffee, most choices are filled with simple carbohydrates and refined sugars. Start your day with healthy fats and a dose of caffeine for clearer thinking and sustained energy that won’t tank after a couple hours! Here’s how we do our Bulletproof Coffee.

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Grass Fed Butter

Cady Kuhlman  00:06

Hi, welcome to my kitchen. Happy to have you guys here today. So we'll be discussing bulletproof coffee. At this point, you may have heard of Bulletproof coffee, but I still know clients and customers of ours that haven't heard of it. So I think it's worth doing a video on. So I was fortunate enough to actually meet the guy that coined this term. His name is Dave Asprey. And he was actually working for a fortune 500 company about 20, I'd say 25 years ago, and he was overweight, he was unhappy, he was unable to think clearly he was just having to drink caffeine all day to survive. He was, you know, getting low blood sugar in between meals. And he kind of woke up and realized this is not the way that he wanted to feel and the way we were meant to feel. He was a he is a really, really smart guy. And so he started diving into research. I believe he was an engineer, and he decided to totally switch pads and come into the realm of health. So he started playing around with food. He started playing around with healthy fats at high quantities. And he started playing around with intermittent fasting. So a lot of those terms are very popular now. He's written a couple books, he, but I would say the most famous thing that he has done is this idea of bulletproof coffee. Really, the idea is that a lot of Americans including myself, we love our coffee in the morning time. But what happens is a lot of us make our coffee and then we add our really sugary creamers. So we add our coffee mate, you know, 18-20 gram, sugar creamer that has unhealthy fats. What does that do to the caffeine mixed with the sugar spikes our blood sugar, which then means it takes that means about two to three hours, maybe not even that long. after consuming that you're tired, you're grabbing for your next carbohydrate you're grabbing for your next fix where you're feeling like you need more caffeine. So then why even drink the caffeine because it didn't even really give you what you were looking for. didn't give you the long lasting energy, it didn't give you the brain fuel that you wanted. So it's kind of disappointing. So he started playing around with. Okay, coffee, at its essence can be an antioxidant, if it is organic, if it is free of aflatoxins like mold, and so he's big on testing his coffee for mold. Coffee is wonderful for mental clarity. Coffee has high poly phenol and antioxidant value. And so he wanted to make a healthy coffee alternative, but also one that tasted delicious. I have to say this is probably one of the best tasting coffees that I've ever experienced. When I tried it about probably six, seven years ago at a health food show. I was blown away, I went back for like three or four sample cups until I was like okay, I'm just not going to keep going back to this table. But it's so delicious. So I'm going to show you guys how to make it today. So the chemex is what we use at my family's home. One reason it's glass. It's not hot water running through plastic like most coffee machines. And then this is an organic fiber filter that's never been bleached. So that's important as well. Okay, so got my hot water going. I have a bulletproof coffee, I already have ground here just for the sake of time and showing you guys but he makes a lot of varieties that are not ground, then you would use your own grinder at home. Like mine pretty strong. So we're going to add four heaping spoons. Okay, we're letting that hot water boil up. So like I said, What's unique about this coffee, I've never seen other coffees that have been tested for mold or aflatoxins. And this coffee has been tested, you can actually go to their website and look and see the profile that shows it's free of mold. The reason is coffee beans are oftentimes something that that mold can just easily grow on because of their shape. And then also because of the the wet climates they can grow in and then as they're being dried and then wet again dried, that's just a breeding ground for potential mold. Okay. Slowly, I'm going to pour this hot water over. I love to just watch it as it hits all the dry ground beans. So I make sure I'm getting everything hit. I'm honestly using my best gas right now as to how much water but I make coffee. So I'm, you know aware of how much and the color and the strength that I want. But for you first time users, you could always look up a recipe for this. Okay. So we're gonna let all that filter down. That's what it's doing now. So am I Talk about the other components of this coffee. So, the other idea that I went back to was that a lot of Americans use a lot of sugar in their coffee in the morning times, we do not want that. So what the idea we're going to use here is healthy fats. And so healthy fats like grass fed butter, and then MCT oil. So that was the other thing that Dave Asprey really coined was the idea of MCT oil. So MCT oil stands for medium chain triglycerides, it comes from coconut oil. So people oftentimes ask, can I just use coconut oil, you can, but this is an extract of coconut oil. So it's going to have some components and a little bit higher value with his bulletproof MCT. It's going to have some of the highest caprylic acid. So there's three types of acid within MCT oil, his highest and caprylic because he feels like that's what gives you the most brain energy, the most fuel the most firing of your synapses in the brain. So you really feel fueled by your coffee. And I feel that I completely could attest to feeling that when I make this, alright. Gotta let all that drain taken over to the sink. Okay, man, the key here is blending. So going back to my NutriBullet here pouring in. Okay, pouring in my coffee taking. So let me tell you some quantities here. Butter tablespoon, two tablespoons of the grass fed butter. So one or two tablespoons of the MCT oil. We are going to use between one teaspoon and two tablespoons. The reason that's going to vary so much is for first time users, we want to go a little slower on the MCT oil because it could cause a little digestive upset if you go with this much fat and caffeine so quickly. So begin, like I said, One teaspoon, maybe two and then work your way up to two tablespoons. So that's a big difference there. Dave Asprey calls it disaster pants, so we don't want you to have disaster pants if you've added too much fat. Okay, you plug this back in. Alright, right so that other way we're gonna blend this. Look at that color. It's like Carmel colored. It's not amazing. So I want to pour it into a cup so we can experience well. Here we go. The heat minute section, I want you to experience what would be a good cup to pour it into a to see a clear just a clear view here. So look at the frothiness that's going on. And so that's the MCT oil plus the grass fed butter. So let's pour it. Yum. So look at that. Delicious. So you can see that froth sitting on the top there after I've made it. So the idea would be is you're going to start your morning this and you're actually not going to eat anything for a few hours. This is going to be enough fuel to get you through to lunchtime. So I hope I've answered all the questions about bulletproof I think you should give it a try in your home. Especially if we could get you to move away from that sugary creamer. So this is my personal favorite alternative.