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Better Together: Vitamin D3 with K2 Could Save Your Life

By Ed Jones | November 19, 2023
Vitamin D3 with K2 protects heart health

You may have noticed that it’s becoming more common to see vitamin D3 with K2 instead of vitamin D on its own. But do you know why these two nutrients go together like peas and carrots? You probably already know that vitamin D is an important factor in calcium absorption.  A lesser known fact is…

Let’s Get Real About Diabetes

By Ed Jones | November 6, 2023
man taking blood glucose

Are you ready to get real about diabetes? Ninety million people have type 2 diabetes in the US. The CDC estimates people diagnosed with diabetes incur $16,750 annually in medical expenses. Not to mention all the diseases and higher mortality caused by type 2 diabetes.  I’d love for us to get real about diabetes, and…

How to Lubricate Stiff Joints With Natural Products

By Adam Chauncey, CHC | October 23, 2023
Lubricating Stiff Joints

Do you have stiff joints that sound like a bowl of fresh rice crispy treats and milk when doing nominal tasks throughout the day? Do you wish WD-40 came in “human grade”? And if you fall…can you get up?  If any of these questions come to mind on a semi-regular basis, you just might be…

Natural Alternatives to Ozempic and its GLP-1 Cousins for Weight Management

By Adam Chauncey, CHC | October 20, 2023
Natural Alternatives to Ozempic - Berberine

Popular GLP-1 drugs for weight management could mean robbing Peter to pay Paul, but for some, natural alternatives can help. My clients often ask me about natural alternatives to Ozempic, Wagovy, Mounjarno, Rybelsus or just plain old Semaglutide. You may have heard these names if you haven’t been under a rock for the last 12…

Nutrition World Reviews Balance of Nature Fruits and Veggies

By Ed Jones | October 17, 2023
Fruits and Veggies Body

Balance of Nature products give me pause each time I see an advertisement for them. I rarely watch television.  However, being at the gym each morning I have seen recurring commercials for this product on almost every commercial break. I continue to cringe when I hear the claims regarding its health benefits of the supposed…

What Vitamins Give you Energy? And Other Natural Ways to Rev Your Body’s Engine

By Ed Jones | July 25, 2023
lady tired even with caffeine while trying to work

“Why am I always tired with no energy?” my friend asked me again last week. “And what vitamins give you energy? Is there anything natural I can do to change this?” One day of fatigue leads to another. She’s struggled with it for years. And now she’s starting to feel like it’s an epidemic. For…

Can Colloidal Silver Relieve Conjunctivitis?

By Tina Smith | July 7, 2023
Day 5 No more conjunctivitis

Colloidal Silver drops cleared up my pink eye (conjunctivitis) in 4 days flat. Can your antibiotic eye drops do that? Note from Ed Jones, Owner of Nutrition World: Homemade silver is totally not an acceptable or safe product as the silver molecules clump together and produce large chunks of silver rather than staying in solution. …

Blood Chemistry for Weight Loss

By Ed Jones | June 28, 2023
blood chemistry results

What if we could get weight loss right as we age by optimizing our blood chemistry? If I had a dollar for every time I heard, “I’ve been eating so well, go to the gym 6 days a week, I’m addressing every component I can think of, and I have not lost a pound! AND…

Oxalates: Eliminate High Levels to Achieve Life Changing Results

By Ed Jones | June 5, 2023
foods high in oxalates

I’ve heard the word Oxalate enough times for me to take action to learn all I could about its effects on health. Not only for my clients but in my own personal journey. Oxalates were discovered in the 1800s. Yet, it has all but disappeared from the literature on health and disease.   Synchronicity: “Experiences…

Is WHO Right About Stevia and Other Non-Nutritive Sweeteners?

By Ed Jones | May 30, 2023
sugars and other non-nutritive sweeteners and sugar alternatives

The World Health Organization advises not to use non-nutritive sweeteners for weight control. Specifically, their statement says: Non-Sugar sweeteners should not be used nor expected to assist in weight loss. In fact clinical studies link their use to actually increased risk of new-onset obesity, cardiovascular disease, mortality and preterm labor according to the World Health…


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