The Best Breakfast Drink Recipe

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Every morning for the past 4+ years, Ed has utilized the same superfood drink for breakfast because he simply can’t find foods that ever meet the high-quality standards he has for himself. He does not cut any corners with this drink, and you don’t have to either!

“I speak often about the fact when you begin your day by choosing the wrong foods, your chemistry is doomed for the remainder of the day. When you start it perfect, as you can with this drink, it actually allows room for more error later in the day. This drink will vastly improve your chances of reducing body fat, food cravings, losing fat, and provide sustained energy.” – Ed Jones


Note: Due to continued research and experimentation by Ed Jones, products shown in this video are subject to change as new developments are discovered. Also note that they are not limited to the brands mentioned.

Every single morning for the past four years, I have utilized a certain drink. The reason I do that is that I can’t find foods that will ever meet the quality standards that I have for myself. Once we start getting into the big world and we eat out and we have to compromise on the quality of our foods, I don’t have to compromise on this drink. I have chosen the highest quality, non-gmo, organic, clean, zero sugar ingredients. These ingredients are a culmination of things I value as far as supporting the nutrition of the body and starting off the day on a healthy start. The best part of this breakfast green drink is it can be made in five minutes!

This drink requires healthy, clean water because we are now exposing ourselves to hundreds of very toxic chemicals in tap water. In particular, pharmaceuticals that people intake when they go to the bathroom are not currently being filtered out by our tap water. So when we drink unfiltered tap water, we are consuming excess chemicals from other people’s pharmaceuticals.

I choose Propure’s carafe style water filter, which is one of the few water filters I’ve found that removes fluoride and other pharmaceuticals. Flouride is one of the smallest molecules floating around in waters, so if it can filter out fluoride, I’m sure it can take out all the other chemicals. The carafe water filter is gravity fed, so I fill it up every morning and it takes about two hours to completely filter all the water.

The basic core of any meal drink has to be protein and one of the brands I recommend is Dr. Mercola’s Miracle Whey. It is one of the healthiest protein supplements I’ve found because it has colostrum, almost no sugar, and the sweeteners are very healthy. I choose to use two scoops, which normally gives me about 22 grams of protein. 22 grams is what I believe the body can utilize at once. I also use Nutrition World’s whey protein and Naked Goat protein interchangeably. 

We all need fiber in every meal, so I use organic ground flaxseed. I put about three tablespoons in the drink which is going to help manage cholesterol, helps to maintain regularity, and all the things that fiber can do, like build the probiotic family in your gut.

Green Vibrance is probably one of my most favorite products of all time because it is equivalent to six servings of organic and green vegetables. It contains such a plethora of herbal and vegetables and phytochemicals that protect our body and allow detoxing. This is huge because we are living and swimming in the most contaminated world we have ever existed in and our bodies need the ability to detox. Green Vibrance has all of the necessary nutritional pieces together with probiotics to be the nutritional backbone to our breakfast green drink. Note: I have recently switched to using Natural Factor’s Whole Earth and Sea Greens and have been very pleased with the results. Both are incredible products.

I have used unsweetened almond milk in the past, but these past few months I’ve been doing very well with goat milk. Goat milk is commonly found now, thank goodness, so I will mix half clean water and half goat milk every morning.

The king of antioxidants is berries. If you purchase foods that are overly sweet, they will be counterproductive to your health because of all the impact that carbohydrates have. I only use organic blackberries, organic raspberries, or organic blueberries. I encourage people to always choose organic berries because pesticides can’t be washed off from berries completely.

For an added superfood, check out what we recommend here!

I choose to add MCT oil to my breakfast green drink. MCT stands for medium chain triglycerides and it is something that the body uses very effectively for fuel and energy, but also the brain runs very well on. Even though they’re triglycerides, it’s totally healthy, it will give you long-lasting energy and reduce cravings. When mixed with protein, it has been one of the most effective products to help people lose body-fat.


Prep Time:5 minutes

Yield: 2 cups

    • Clean Water
    • Almond Milk or Goat Milk
    • 2 Scoops of Dr. Merocola’s Miracle Whey Protein Powder or sugar free protein of your choice
    • 3 tablespoons of flax seed
    • 2 scoops of Green Vibrance or Whole Earth and Sea
    • Organic berries to taste
    • A tablespoon of MCT Oil


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