Did You Know 90% of Your Body Cells Are Not You!

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One day years ago, I was sitting at a local blood testing lab and observed a picture on the wall of human blood cells and underneath it read “this is you”. 

I don’t know why but this statement stirred my thought process for months about my body and what part of it is really me and which parts are not Ed.  Research now proves that approximately 90% of all organisms in our physical system are alien to us!  This may seem strange at first but we all co-inhabit this body of ours with trillions of non-self cells.  Since I now know this information to be factual, it has shifted how I think about the harmony of my ecosystem that I desire to achieve for optimal health.

One whole neighborhood of these co-workers in the body that is the easiest to alter toward the good are the bacteria that lives in the intestinal tract.  Probiotics are the name given to these active living organisms.  The intestines contains 3 to 4 pounds of these live organisms which make up a large part of bowel movements, produce 50% of all our immune system arsenal, regulate a large part of brain chemistry, digest foods, and prevent disease causing germs and viruses from gaining a foothold in our system.  This is why when you get food poisoning, you feel so horrible because your brain chemistry and immune system goes crazy.

Research shows that the average person colon is 80% undesirable unhealthy bacteria unless they consume large amounts of cultured foods or supplements that contain probiotics. Dr. Campbell-Mcbride, neurologist, has vast experience and research showing lack of proper gut flora in infants and children may the biggest culprit in how vaccines cause damage to their brains and bodies.  To listen to her interview, log onto  Mercola’s Site. Dr. Campbell-Mcbride also shows how you can make cultured foods at home that can be extremely effective at inoculating yourself with proper flora.  (store bought yogurt is not strong enough in most cases)

Research shows that the average person colon is 80% undesirable unhealthy bacteria unless they consume large amounts of cultured foods or supplements that contain probiotics. Click To Tweet

Long ago in the history of mankind, the use of cultured foods helped maintain proper bacteria in the gut along with the fact that no one drank chlorinated water, antibiotics did not exist, and meats were not treated with drugs.  Today in order to have health, it is 100% essential that we ingest quality probiotics in order to have proper functioning healthy bodies.

The truth is that most companies sell probiotics of questionable effectiveness.  I have learned through thousands of clients feedback and knowing companies intimately that Natren Healthy Trinity is one of the most effective for implanting the healthiest and most vital probiotics throughout the intestines.  Healthy Trinity may not have the highest numbers listed on the bottle but all that truly counts is how well the probiotics travel through stomach acids, how do they adhere to the colon wall and how long do they live.  Healthy Trinity does all three of these!

To learn about Healthy Trinity, visit their website at Natren’s website and also Dr. Mcbarron MD speaks daily about the positive effects of Healthy Trinity on Duke and the Doctor radio show Monday through Friday at 9:00 am on 11:50 am.  She is an amazing resource for learning about staying healthy.  I learn something every time I listen.

I am so convinced that you will be thrilled with how good bacteria can help alleviate gas, digest foods, produces B vitamins, and greatly reduce the chance of unhealthy germs making you sick, we are offering the most incredible offer ever!!!


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