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One of the most often asked questions I get from regular clients of Nutrition World is, “what is new”.  I probably see 100 new products monthly that is introduced by companies but because Nutrition World has extremely high standards, we probably only add a few of these products to our inventory.  Nutrition World has such a huge selection of products and new ones can easily get lost on the shelves without anyone ever knowing about them so each month I will spotlight up to 6 interesting new items that I believe you may find interesting.

This month’s new product spotlight is the following:

  1. Virgils zero calorie and zero sugar cola drinks.  This is the first junk food drink substitute that is truly healthy yet tastes incredible.  If you want healthy no calorie and no sugar drinks, try Virgils.  For information on it, log onto Virgil’s website.
  2. Flora 100% plant origin Omega 3-6-9 with EPA and DHA.  I believe strongly in using fish oil based omega 3’s to raise our blood levels of the totally beneficial and health giving good fats but some individuals would prefer vegetarian based products.  Flora has a fabulous reputation for quality and has developed one of the best formulas of vegetarian oils I have ever looked at and I encourage you to check this out the next time you are in the store.  For information, log onto  Flora Health’s website.
  3. Peanut Butter powder.  This is not completely new to us but I don’t believe many people have seen this product.  I am usually not a proponent of peanut butter but this is 85% less fat and is a powder that has the ability to make any smoothie or protein powder taste absolutely out of this world!  Check it out at Bell Plantation PB2 Foods.
  4. Living Clay premixed liquid.  I have become a true believer in recommending using this product for reducing the toxins and poisons from our bodies.  A clay of this quality is simply a powerful sponge that adsorbs into itself much of the heavy metals, pesticides, and other undesirable compounds that can make us very unhealthy.   Until now it was only available in powders that had to be mixed up but this premix is so easy and convenient and I love using it.  For more information log onto Living Clay’s website.
  5. Calm & Focused for Adults product. I don’t know about you but sometimes I  would like to be able to better focus on a job at hand or something I am reading and when I tried this new product, I could feel the effects within a few minutes.  It is chewable and is not the best taste but tolerable.  I don’t recommend too late in the evening because it might disturb sleep.   To view the ingredients, log onto  Thompson Nutritionals.
  6. OSMO patch.  This is the one product that I am most intrigued about because I have never seen anything like it in all my years in this business.  A long time client of Nutrition World told me recently that she had a huge swelling on the back of her knee and before she was going to have it drained she was going to try something called a Osmo patch from Australia.  She stated that within a short period of time, this amazing patch had reduced the swelling almost completely and she never had to get it drained!  The patch label says it is designed to absorb excess fluid from the body and reduce swelling.  For more info, log onto Osmo Patch.




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