The Whiter the Bread, the Sooner You’re Dead.

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Is white bread harmful?

It’s a sobering thought that everyday foods such as white bread could be harming your health. But that’s exactly the view of Dr. Joel Fuhrman MD, a board-certified physician. Dr. Fuhrman is passionate about the importance of diet in preventing serious health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

I had the opportunity to listen to Dr. Fuhrman speak in front of a large audience in Baltimore. He detailed the dangers of white bread and processed foods. I discovered how a diet packed with low glycaemic, high nutrient-dense foods might significantly reduce my chances of getting sick. Dr. Fuhrman suggested that up to 80% of chronic diseases could be eliminated if people embraced a better diet. 

To enable people to obtain the nutrition they need for optimal health and well-being, Dr. Fuhrman recommends following a Nutritarian diet, focusing on green, leafy vegetables, raw foods, and plant-based eating.

The suggested diet is packed with high-grade foodstuffs that you can almost feel are doing your body good! It’s centered around eating plenty of greens, onions, berries, mushrooms, beans, and seeds – all tasty, delicious options that are packed with vital micro-nutrients – what’s not to like?  Dr. Fuhrman suggests that consuming these foods regularly could:

  • change our internal pH.
  • provide a wide range of phytonutrients, including ones science has discovered and even currently unidentified plant nutrient compounds that offer enormous health benefits.
  • increase the body’s ability to detoxify.

I was eager to try out Dr. Fuhrman’s suggestions – after all, with so many health benefits, it had to be worth a try. 

My answer has been to continue to choose wisely every breakfast, lunch, and supper but my insurance is to back it up with drinking Green Drinks every single day. Share on X

White Bread vs Greens – Getting my Greens in was a Challenge

One of Dr. Fuhrman’s key nutritional suggestions is to eat at least a pound of raw vegetables and a pound of cooked vegetables a day, with green leafy vegetables such as kale, collard greens, mustard greens, and watercress. That’s a whole bunch of veggies!

I made a conscious decision to follow Dr. Fuhrman’s recommendations, but even eating a good portion of veg for breakfast, lunch, and dinner still left me struggling to consume anywhere near two pounds of veg. Not only was it a high volume of veg to eat, fitting in veg prep as well as everything else I had to do in a day was a challenge. For these reasons, I decided to boost my veg intake with green drinks to make absolutely sure I ended up with all the micronutrients I needed.

Packed with green vegetables and nutrients, green drinks are a convenient way to boost your intake of plant-based nutrients. You can make your own using almond or soya milk, along with protein and plenty of green, or, for convenience, buy pre-prepared green drinks that can be mixed with plant milk for a fast, nutrient-dense addition to your diet. 

I particularly like the Vibrant Health Green Vibrance powder – made from nutrient-dense superfoods, it’s super-easy to use and contains a wide range of those all-important plant-based micronutrients that are the foundation of eating for health. When I use this alongside good dietary choices, I feel like I’m doing all that I can to boost my inner health, enabling high-grade nutrition to reach every cell.

I can honestly say I do feel much better since making a real effort to optimize my vegetable intake, so it’s well worth the effort.

Sourcing High-grade Protein

Along with taking on board Dr. Fuhrman’s recommendations to get enough veggies, I also want to make sure I get sufficient protein.  Like many others, I’m eager to lose fat, which is where a decent amount of protein, particularly for the first meal of the day, can really help. Studies have shown that a protein-rich meal is more satisfying, as well as being a good, nutritious start to the morning.

I try to eat a broad range of nutrient-dense foods at every meal but like to supplement my diet with a little extra protein to ensure my body has what it needs. I’ve found that eating a protein-rich breakfast really does get the day off to a great start. One of my favorite breakfast choices is Ed’s Breakfast Drink. Simple to make and tasty to drink, this Breakfast Drink contains just three ingredients – Vibrant Health Green Vibrance PowderMetagenics Ketogenic Powder, and Manitoba Harvest Hemp Fiber.

Each of the ingredients is an absolute powerhouse of nutrition. When combined, they provide the body with a flood of nutrients and micro-nutrients that can be absolutely transformative, as well as a good amount of premium protein. Ed’s Breakfast Drink contains plant-based compounds and premium enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and micro-nutrients that may:

  • provide a powerful boost to the immune system.
  • optimize your fat-burning metabolism.
  • improve digestive health.
  • increase energy.
  • alter the body’s pH.
  • improve and optimize blood chemistry.
  • slow internal aging processes.

Alongside this armory of nutrients, the drink also contains a significant amount of protein. If you’re looking for a breakfast that’s fast, nutritious, and delicious, you can’t do much better than the Ed’s Breakfast Drink combination – I love how easy and quick it is to make. Just mix, whizz, and go!

Start the day Right

Many people find that their efforts to maintain a healthy diet, burn fat, and resist cravings fall at the first hurdle. For a good proportion of these people, the problems start at breakfast time. If you can make sure the first nutrition your body receives is a metabolism-boosting, gut enlivening cocktail of high-grade nutrition and fiber, you’ll optimize the chances of cruising through the day, energized and satiated.

I’ve been amazed by the difference that adopting Dr. Fuhrman’s suggestions, along with getting some decent nutrition on board first thing, has made to my well-being. It’s not just me – many of my clients have been delighted by the positive benefits they see after adopting fresh dietary approaches. 

 I promise that if you start each morning with my carefully blended breakfast drink, you’ll notice a difference within a fortnight. Why not make my breakfast drink a regular part of your healthy lifestyle?


If you would like to listen to Dr. Fuhrman speak more on this subject, watch the video below…

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