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1. Nutrition World now has the most amazing tasting soups that only require only to simply mix the package with broth and boil.

Healthy, All-Natural Ingredients They’re packed full of flavor with vegetables, herbs and spices. We share our favorites with you in our Bountiful Pantry mixes.They start with the finest, all-natural ingredients, including vegetables that are picked and dried at the peak of freshness.

Our dishes feature the perfect mix of herbs and spices for a great, satisfying taste. Every mix has no preservatives, added salt or MSG, and are gluten free. You decide if you want a vegan or vegetarian option, or if you like, add cheese, poultry, seafood or meat.

American Made and Packaged with Care
We source all of the ingredients used in our Bountiful Pantry mixes from American companies, in many cases buying directly from American farmers, ensuring both taste and freshness for all our products. We trust our suppliers, and you can too.

2. Olive Oil
I must admit that I am very picky about my Olive Oil and have learned how this miraculous oil can have positive effects on our health however the problem is that the majority of Olive oils sold today are diluted with cheap unhealthy ingredients which makes them so unhealthy!
I was recently connected with a person from Bozeman Montana who imports one of the highest grades of Olive Oil from a small family operation in Italy. When I tasted this Olivelle oil, I knew instantly that this was equal to the olive oil I had used years ago when I visited Italy. Nutrition World now stocks this oil and it is dispensed from a sealed bulk container in a variety of sizes. This packaging maintains super freshness for you and also lets you reuse the bottle. I encourage all Olive Oil aficionados to try this oil and I believe you will be hooked because of the freshness and true olive oil taste and properties.The following is a very important warning from Dr Mercola on Olive Oil.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Is One of the Most Commonly Adulterated Foods
Olive oil is a common target of food fraud, in which it is deliberately adulterated at your expense, according to the U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention’s (USP) Food Fraud Database.

Even “extra virgin” olive oil is often diluted with other less expensive oils, including hazelnut,soybean, corn, sunflower, palm, sesame, grape seed and walnut. But these other oils will not be listed on the label, nor will most people be able to discern that their olive oil is not pure.If you live in an area where olive oil is made, buying from a local producer is the ideal solution as it allows you to know exactly what’s in your oil. If not, try an independent olive oil shop that can tell you about the growers, or at least seek out a brand name that you trust.

3. Calming and Cognitive effects of Zembrin.
I have reports from users of a brand new herbal compound named Zembrin that shows almost instant positive results on stress, mood, coping and quality of sleep. Zembrin is a herb called Sceletium tortuosum and has 300 years of indigenous use and safety. Many times nutrition works so slowly that some users give up on a product before it has had time to show effects but in regard to Zembrin, this is definitely not the case. Studies done using double blind placebo controlled on 16 healthy participants using MRI showed the amygdala of the brain responded very favorable to one dose of Zembrin within 2 hours. I have received extremely positive feedback from the initial users of Zembrin and look forward to it being a very usable herb for those of us who need help in the area of stress management.

For scientific information on the studies on Zembrin, log onto:


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