My Omega 3 Lab Results!

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Have you ever been concerned that you may be taking too little or too high amounts of certain vitamins or nutrients? 

I want you to know that I have just taken received my blood test results for a Omega 3 test that I took last month and I have to admit I was slightly disappointed.

This test, The Vital Omega Test, is considered the most complete and accurate method of finding how much of the good fats in relation to the unhealthy fats that we have circulating in my body.  A substantial body of evidence indicates that maintaining the proper balance of these Omega-3s to Omega-6s helps reduce risk of heart disease and many other chronic inflammatory conditions.   When researchers examine cultures such as Greenland, Japan and others where blood levels of Omega 3 are in the optimal range, it is clear that greater cardiovascular health and reduced cancer rates are obvious.  (This is another confirmation about the recent bogus study on Omega 3 and prostate cancer that should be totally ignored.  The study did not study anyone who took fish oil supplements, yet that is not being told to the public) For details of the study, click here.

Before you look at my results, keep in mind that I have taken 2000mg of EPA/DHA every day in supplement form and eat fish 4 to 5 times weekly.  I have for years drastically limited my foods that contain Omega 6 such as the following:

Omega 666 – the most Evil omega 6 powerhouses (over 50%)

Grapeseed oil 70.6%!!!
Corn Oil 54.5%
Walnuts 52.5% (oil is 53.9%)
Cottonseed oil 52.4%
Soybean oil 51.4%

Very High Omega 6 sources (20-50%)

Sesame oil 42.0%
Pepitas 34.5%
Margarine 27.9%
Pecans 26.9%
Peanut Butter 22.5%
Pistachios 21.3%

High Omega 6 Sources (10-20%)

Chicken Fat 19.5%
Almonds 19.1%
Canola oil 19.0%
Flaxseed oil 12.9%
Cashews 12.6%
Duck Fat 12.2%
Bacon Grease 10.2%
Lard 10.2%

I exercise hard no less than 5 times weekly, eat 8 servings of greens daily, drink ultra purified water, don’t eat bad carbs and look at each ingredient of everything I eat.  (unless eating out).

You can view my total test results on the link,  ——– but to summarize it for you.  My Omega 3/Omega 6 ratio is only in the good range and is not even close to people who live in Japan and Greenland.  When my score in interpreted in relation to risk of death from heart disease, I have over 200% higher risk than people with optimal Omega 3 levels!  Lastly, when it looks at my unhealthy Omega 6 levels, it shows I have over 2 times the risk of heart disease because of excessive Omega 6 in the blood.

My question to everyone is this:  If I do all the right things and take the best quality supplements and eat better than 95% of the general public and I still am not optimal, just imagine Joe and Jane  Public who either takes nothing or maybe one capsule of fish oil daily while eating fried foods and other Omega 6 foods.  So much for the theory from poorly educated docs who say, “nutritional supplements just make expensive urine”!

My conclusion to this is that I am going to up my Omega 3 supplements to 3000mg of combined EPA and DHA and retest in 60 days.  I will let you know my results as soon as I receive them.   I also will further decrease the Omega 6 foods where I can.

If you desire to take the “Vital Omega Test”, you can purchase it at Nutrition World for $99.00 (regular price is $149.00)  and it takes 4 weeks to receive the results once you send it in.  I suggest you clean your diet up and take appropriate Omega 3 supplements for 60 days before testing so you can see what you need to do because there is no need to spend money determining something we probably already know:   Almost everyone is deficient in Omega 3 and have excessive Omega 6.

For information on the test kit, log onto Vital Choice. If you are interested in viewing my full Omega 3 Test Results, click below…








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