Announcing the Core 4 Must Have Nutrition Supplements for Fabulous Health

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When I walk into a huge hardware store I am overwhelmed by the massive variety and my inexperience in this area. I understand it may be equally daunting walking into Nutrition World for the first time. Deciding which nutritional supplements to buy can feel paralyzing.
My 40 years of experience and research indicate almost everyone needs nutrition supplements. That’s why I believe everyone should start with the following four essential, daily supplements:
  • A top of the line quality multivitamin formulated based on current research;
  • Omega 3 tested to have no impurities or heavy metals;
  • Organic greens in powder form – including probiotics;
  • and Magnesium in its most active, absorbable form.
I have worked with thousands of individuals over my career with the goal of improving health on all levels. Almost everyone I have counseled has witnessed the amazing value of daily, wisehealth supplementation. However, sadly there remains a number of individuals which believe all nutrients should come solely from foods. They refuse to consider adding nutrition supplements into their daily life. I fear they will come up short as the years go on and they age.
Read the top 3 most common myths about nutrition supplements.
And to debunk the myths surrounding fish oil, you can read more on that here.

Nutrition Needs from Foods

I truly would like to believe we could potentially meet our nutrition needs solely with foods. Regretfully, I find it almost impossible. The only way we could meet our nutrition needs with food would be IF we:

1. harvested our foods locally,
2. prepared meals fresh,
3. consumed a daily rainbow mixture of vegetables, and
4. consumed clean-sources of protein.
If we could create this ideal world, we would not need any nutrition supplements. However, this is almost impossible due to cost and difficulty in today’s busy lifestyle. I have followed the health of tens of thousands of clients since 1979.

Cost Effective Health Care

This is what I can tell you with certainty:  Wise supplementation is a very cost effective health insurance unequalled in its potential for lifelong health.  PubMed scientific peer reviewed studies now confirm the tremendous benefits of properly chosen nutritional and botanical support. Properly chosen is the key word.  

Consider this fact. We now have the science and ability to blood test our levels of nutrition and other functional medicine markers. The bottom line is this: Less than 25% of individuals have proper levels of Omega 3 or Vitamin D when blood tested. These two deficiencies alone may be responsible for countless stories of poor health, disease and even potentially death. Sadly this does not bring into the discussion the 70 plus other nutrients and hormones not being monitored in our blood testing. 

Impact of Deficiency of Key Nutrients

The impact of low Omega 3 and Vitamin D levels over the years are devastating. These nutrients are key to brain function, cardiac health, triglycerides, and chronic inflammation. Keep in mind this is only checking two out of the 40+ nutrients in our system. For information on the subject of the devastation of living with low vitamin D levels click here. If you need to order blood work at discounted pricing you can go here.
Those individuals who claim there are health risks from consuming nutritional supplements may not be informed. I have viewed blood tests from thousands of individuals, many who take large quantities of quality nutritional supplements. My bottom line fact is this: The only individuals over 50 who have superior liver and kidney function are mostly those who take a wide array of supplements. Protecting our body cells by proper supplementation is the most powerful ally to aging gracefully and slowing father time devastation. The nutrition supplement industry also has the highest level of safety of any industry in this country.
To read about the incredible safety record, click here. You can also watch a 3 minute video that explains the safety comparison of drugs to vitamins here.

The Core 4 Nutrition Supplements


The first product that I recommend in the Core 4 is a quality multivitamin. The word “quality” is the game changer. Making an unwise multivitamin choice will offer you little or no health protection. This is generally due to low potency and quality.

The multiple vitamins consist of the vast array of nutrients that offer support for thousands of processes within our bodies.  When we are deficient in any one nutrient it can often affect many other nutrients as they often work as a team for the good of our health. We also demand full transparency from every manufacturer or we do not offer the item. In multivitamins this is vital to know the source, quality, freshness and potency of each and every constituent within the product. You can rest assured we do our due diligence for you.  

The multiple vitamin formula must also be based on current science research. Many formulas regarding multivitamins are very outdated which severely limits its benefits. Recognizing that nutrients such as folic acid and B-12 called cyanocobalamin are two examples of ingredients we refuse to offer in our lineup due to possible concerns. Secondly, multiples in tablets should rarely be chosen due to the variety of excipients and possible delays in absorption. Be very picky if choosing a tablet. I recommend tablets only to those under age 40, if at all. The Core 4 Multiple is a capsule formulated product held to the highest standards of quality.

Multivitamin products in their bottles that come in Core 4 autoship

Omega 3s

The second product of the Core 4 is Omega 3 fish oil.Omega 3 is offered from either fish or vegan algae sources. The science is very clear that poor levels Omega 3 can lead to increased inflammation which is the number one reason for chronic disease. Maintaining healthy levels of triglycerides, heart rhythms, cholesterol, cellular flexibility and even more benefits are connected to optimal levels of Omega 3. A healthy diet should contain a 2:1 ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3. However, most Americans have a 20:1 ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3. Omega 6 is the primary instigator of inflammation in our blood chemistry. This means our Omega 6 levels are a major reason for much pain and decline in health as individuals get older. We should strive for high levels of Omega 3 to offset the Omega 6 that often is difficult to avoid. 

What About Fish? 

Eating fish is not a reliable source of Omega 3 because the vast majority of fish sold today are farm raised. This leads to inferior quality and possible heavy toxins. Don’t let anyone tell you that farm raised fish is superior. In most cases, farm raised fish is simply not providing the nutrition it should.
Secondly, commercial feed leads to an accumulation of toxins in the fish. The very crowded waters also create unhealthy fish. Unhealthy fish equals low nutrition content. Unhealthy fish equals low nutrition content. To read why farm raised salmon is a Toxic “Junk Food” click here.
Nutrition World has set the bar as high as possible on Omega 3 products. We require all lab tests to ensure our products are tested for every heavy metal and contaminate. Lastly, we recommend molecular distilled types of Omega 3 as opposed to Ethyl Ester forms. Ethyl Ester is the type most big box stores offer.
Remember this: You are what your food eats. If the chicken, cow or fish you consume is fed chemical ladened, dead foods, you will also suffer the negative effects to your health.

Omega Oils in their bottles that come in the core 4 package

The Green Drink with Probiotics

The next component necessary in the Core 4 is a green drink with probiotics. Colored vegetables plant based foods are a key backbone of maintaining health in the human body. I always recommend fresh foods first. However, we all realize this is not always practical. That means the second best choice is organic greens powder. Quality green drink powders accomplish the following:
  • lower acid conditions in the body by being alkaline,
  • detoxifies the liver plus kidney protection,
  • supply much needed antioxidants and phytochemicals for cellular protection,
  • and opening detox channels such as P-450 system. The P-450 regulates and manages the toxins and hormones in order to protect us from disease.
Did you know your body has trillions of cells of bacteria living in us? We are a delicately balanced ecosystem that keeps us alive and healthy. These cells fall into three classifications: Health Giving, Neutral, and Damaging.
Some of us remember decades ago where kids that were born with zero immune systems were put into a completely sterile “bubble.” These kids had very few microbiome within them. They had to be in a sterile environment so germs and foreign cells could eliminated. This resulted in extreme poor health. Without our helping partners of probiotics we have very low immune systems. This can lead to potentially very unbalanced brain chemistries. We mistakenly believed that removing germs would improve health. This has proved incorrect.
The field of probiotics has become very complex due to the doubling of knowledge in this area every 2 years. We now know that specific microbiome organisms accomplish different tasks in our bodies. They help us lose weight, prevent sore throats, UTI, yeast issues, and more. Nutrition World offers all top of the line quality brands with a staff educated to explain them.
A new company that is offering a state of the art stool testing of gut flora, Viome, makes the following strong statement on their website:
Imagine living in a world where illness is optional.”
This, in my mind, is not an unreasonable goal. We can balance the internal environment within us to near perfection. Our bodies are designed for health and self-healing. The closest component to the “fountain of youth” is quite possibly the microbiome.
Which Greens Drink?

Our favorite greens products are Green Vibrance.Green Vibrance with added probiotics has a history of sourcing from only the finest raw materials in the world. Every test for purity for Green Vibrance has passed with flying colors. The formula in Green Vibrance continues to be updated as research becomes available which is  very unusual in today’s market. The ability of a quality Green Drink to assist our bodies in its pursuit of optimal health cannot be minimized.  

Secondly is the value and quality of the probiotics. I believe most individuals today recognize how important the healthy bacteria in the gut can be related to digestion, immune system health and brain function.  Chlorine in water, antibiotics, roundup on foods, and many other exposures in today’s world destroys our health microbiome bacteria. It is mandatory in my world to supplement everyday quality probiotics. Green Vibrance offers the quality needed for building and maintaining the healthy bacteria along with the many miracles of nature’s green pharmacy.

I mix my greens powder in my morning protein shake along with hemp fiber first thing in the morning.This combination has allowed for me the highest levels of energy, keeps me in ketosis, lessens my food cravings and allows me to maintain low body fat.  

Greens with probiotics in their containers like they come in the core 4 autoship


Magnesium is potentially the most important mineral in the human body which is why it can devastate health if deficiency occurs. It is responsible for over 300 metabolic processes in the blood, body, brain and bones! Sadly low levels of Magnesium is common in our population due to the following: soil depletion from over farming, digestive issues such as leaky gut which lowers absorption, medication use, and simply poor food choices.   


The most common issues related to Magnesium deficiency are the following:  

  1. Leg Cramps
  2. Insomnia
  3. Muscle tightness
  4. Increased Anxiety
  5. Blood Pressure
  6. Migraine
  7. Osteoporosis
  8. Inability to absorb Vitamin D
Learning About Magnesium

In 1990, I had the opportunity to participate in a college course involving cadavers. I was blessed to witness the anatomy of our miraculous human body. These were 3 separate elderly individuals who were deceased. As I felt with my hands their arteries, kidneys, heart and other organs I noticed something strange.  The arteries and certain organs actually had a crunch sound when squeezed. I assumed it was simply due to the hardening of the 3 dead bodies being deceased for weeks. However the teacher had a different explanation. The answer became a life changing epiphany moment for me. The hardness of the organs and arteries were calcium deposits within the body’s organs rather than decay. Why would this happen? The answer was simple, yet took another 15 years for me to learn.


In the presence of low magnesium and Vitamin K deficiency the calcium solidifies in areas as we age. Without these nutrients our bodies cannot excrete the calcium nor stay in the body. That causes it to form within organs. We all clearly observe stiffness of people over 60 as they walk, workout or move. Sadly this could be prevented or at least delayed if Magnesium levels were optimal.   


Consuming daily magnesium in your supplements is the only method to assure healthy levels of this mineral. Be cautious when choosing the type of magnesium. There are a dozen different forms. Each form works differently in the body.

In the Core 4, we chose the most absorbable and effective Magnesium for quickest results. Bonus: you will have far less tendency for loose stools than other brands. 

Magnesium supplements included in the core 4 autoship packaging

Final Word on Supplements

I take far more nutrition supplements than probably necessary because this is my life and hobby. However, if I could only pick 4 supplements, these Core 4 would be it!
I strongly encourage everyone interested in maintaining superior health to consider these supplements. They will preserve your life, vitality, and longevity. Illness is now horribly expensive so this can actually be seen as a bargain in the long run.
May long life and health always be yours,

Ed Jones, Founder of Nutrition World, Signature

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