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3 Quick Tips to Stay Well This Winter

tissues and teacup with straw on bedside table when you're unable to stay well during winter

When the temperature starts to drop, it’s almost a given that people start to feel under the weather. Pun intended. Other than a possible runny nose, the cooler temperatures don’t make you sick. But, it is common for your immune system to not work at prime efficiency during this time. This, in turn, does cause…

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Three Common Myths About Nutrition Supplements

common nutrition supplements including fish oil and vitamins

Ever get confused by all the conflicting information you hear about nutritional supplements? There are countless scientific studies proving the benefit and efficacy of supplements. There is also a lot of misinformation and false claims surrounding their benefits. I believe it’s important to shed light on the most common myths about nutrition supplements in the…

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Multivitamins: No, or Yes?

Multivitamins Yes or No

Filling nutritional gaps, increasing chances of good health Satisfying “hidden hunger” Have you heard of the term “hidden hunger“? It’s used by doctors to describe those suffering from nutritional deficiencies. These individuals may consume enough, or too many, calories in a day. But, due to their diet, they lack the micronutrients essential to good health.…

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Can’t Miss Prenatal Supplement and Nutrition Information

Pregnant lady with her arms crossed over her stomach while standing in the woods

Are you pregnant or hope to be very soon? It is an incredibly joyful season of life, but picking out prenatal supplements can be very confusing and many women don’t know what to look for.   Health professionals advise women to take a prenatal supplements with folic acid and DHA. However, they usually give very…

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Core 4 Must Have Nutrition Supplements for Optimal Health

The Core 4 Nutrition Supplements for Optimal Health

When I walk into a huge hardware store I am overwhelmed by the massive variety and my inexperience in this area. I understand it may be equally daunting walking into Nutrition World for the first time. Attempting to decide what nutritional supplements to buy can feel paralyzing.   My 40 years of experience and research…

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