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Balance of Nature products give me pause each time I see an advertisement for them. I rarely watch television.  However, being at the gym each morning I have seen recurring commercials for this product on almost every commercial break.

I continue to cringe when I hear the claims regarding its health benefits of the supposed 16 whole fruits or 15 whole vegetables. The flashy look and the outlandish claims for improving health is almost laughable. They push their product daily with millions of dollars of advertising.

The concern I have had, which is now being confirmed with testing, is that the true level of fruits or veggies in Balance of Nature is very minimal. Certainly not enough to replace consuming healthy foods.

The worst part of this obvious exaggeration is the cost. The combined cost to get a 90 capsule bottle of each product, (30 day supply) is between $70.00 to $90.00 dollars depending on the plan you choose.



Consumer Lab, (who I respect greatly as to testing of nutraceuticals) wrote that a single apple could easily provide a larger amount of macronutrients than in a full daily serving of both products, and obviously at much lower costs.

supplement testing

When we need reliable information about wellness products, we often turn to Consumer Lab’s testing data.  They provide independent, unbiased testing of hundreds of supplements and other wellness products.

Testing nutrition products is important, because the potency, quality, and levels of contaminants can vary widely from one manufacturer to the next. Without testing, consumers have no way to really know what’s in the package they’re purchasing.

Consumer Lab points out that Balance of Nature’s labeling doesn’t even show what percentage of daily values it provides. In reality, a daily serving has only 10% of the recommended fruits and 7% of the recommended vegetables for the day.


Pills Aren’t Enough

One of my biggest concerns is that some individuals will purchase these low potency products thinking it gives them a fake hall pass to not work toward eating fresh fruits or vegetables. (I value vegetables for our health more than fruits, I must say).

We are a pill popping nation, no doubt. Especially if it makes our workload and life easier. In the case of Balance of Nature, it actually does none of this!


Sowing Distrust

Another big concern is that companies like Balance of Nature disparage the nutrition industry unfairly by not operating with high ethics. I have been involved in the life and business of nutrition and nutraceuticals since 1979. As all industries, we occasionally have less than desirable companies who profit from poor quality products at times.

The amount of these companies has greatly decreased with the laws in place that allow the FDA to investigate suspicious offerings. Many of the companies cited and fined clean up their act. But only if they have a commitment to quality over quick profits.

Balance of Nature is by no means risky or dangerous as a product. Consumer Lab reporting shows no significant level of contaminants or toxins. The ingredients also don’t pose any health risk. It is simply so overblown with claims that mislead the public.

These are the companies that give our naysayers ammunition to discredit the industry despite the fact that quality companies comprise 98% of nutrition businesses in this country.


Ingredients ≠ Promises

In 2019, the FDA sent a warning letter to Balance of Nature outlining numerous “serious” regulatory violations after inspection of the company’s facilities in Utah. I have witnessed many companies who mistakenly did not follow protocols within our industry. Almost all fix the complaints after being warned.

The FDA is actually pretty kind with giving companies opportunities to comply.  When I see a company blatantly ignore the chance to remedy the problem, it smacks of an arrogant attitude. And, I believe points to the priority of the company is profit only, not ethics.

Balance of Nature’s distributor in August of 2023 agreed to a $1.1 million dollar settlement in a California lawsuit. Balance of Nature’s claims it could treat cancer, heart disease and other diseases were in violation of present laws. As a result, the courts awarded the sum based on the company making false claims regarding the lack of proof that their product contained five servings of fruit and 10 servings of salad.

Regulators cited many violations of the Good Manufacturing Practices. These included failure to ensure the quality of the dietary supplement and failure to follow packaging and labeling regulations.


The Cost

The worst part of this obvious exaggeration is the cost. The price for a 30 day supply of the “Fruits and Veggies” pair is between $70.00 to $90.00 dollars. Depending on the membership plan you choose, it could be even higher.

You would be much better served to spend that sum on real fruits and vegetables. Our shelves hold plenty of high quality supplements that would offer more nutrition at a lower price point.

My conclusion and advice to you is: NEVER get involved with Balance of Nature. If friends or family are taking it, let them read this information.

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The Alternatives

But, if Balance of Nature products aren’t the right solution, what should we do instead? I’m a strong believer that we should get the majority of our nutrients from whole foods.

Here are a few fresh fruits and vegetables with strong nutrient profiles* to incorporate into your weekly diet:


Kiwifruit: 240% DV of Vitamin C,
Orange: 130% DV of Vitamin C, 6% DV of Calcium
¼ Medium Cantaloupe: 120% DV of Vitamin A
8 Medium Strawberries: only 8 Grams Sugar, 160% DV Vitamin C
Pear: 6 G Dietary Fiber
Apple: 5 G Dietary Fiber
Banana: 450mg Potassium


1 Stalk Broccoli: 460mg Potassium, 4 G protein, 220% DV of Vitamin C
1 ½ Cups Leaf Lettuce: 130% DV Vitamin A
Medium Bell Pepper: 190% DV Vitamin C
Medium Sweet Potato: 4 G Dietary Fiber, 120% DV Vitamin A
⅙ Medium Cauliflower: 110% DV Vitamin A
1 Carrot: 110% DV Vitamin A

*Nutrient profiles compiled from the FDA’s website


If the cost of fresh produce is a concern in your household, be sure to check out our guide to fueling your body without emptying your wallet. With a little bit of practice you can create a shopping list that’s big on nutrition but still budget-friendly.

The nutraceutical market also offers many brands of phenomenal green drinks of outstanding quality. These products have potential to improve health and assist in detoxifying the body. The one I use in my daily regimen, which is also one of our Core 4 products, is Ancient Nutrition Organic Super Greens.

My final advice is for you to do your homework and shop at professional nutrition stores that have a commitment to improving the health of their client as their first commitment.
If you have any questions, visit our consultants and associates at our Chattanooga, Tennessee location. We would love to help guide you find the best products to fuel your health journey.

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