Insomnia: Two Products to Help Optimize Your Sleep

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Insomnia is the greatest challenge in my pursuit of optimal health. Yawn. Anybody else with me? It is not constant. It does come and go. But far too often for my liking. And that has been my motivation to study insomnia from a holistic standpoint. I want to be able to help those who struggle with insomnia like me.     

Insomnia on the Rise 

Surveys show people are sleeping less and are more exhausted than ever before. Lack of quality sleep is linked to a plethora of health disorders and increases so many diseases. Often, lack of sleep is a “badge of honor” for workaholics which is sad. Bragging that we only got 4 hours last night makes us seem so ambitious. But we know very well that this cannot continue without the bill finally coming due with our body and mind sufferingSleep deprivation can actually trigger a brain cell referred to as an “astrocyte” that can eat and destroy healthy brain synapses!
For over 40 years, I’ve heard countless stories of insomnia from my clients. Because I have first-hand knowledge on the subject, as well as many clients facing the same, let’s break down the insomnia story into percentages. 70% of people can go to sleep quickly but their issue is waking up after midnight. Often the level of sleep, when they do fall back to sleep, is the lighter stage of sleep that is not refreshing. Fatigue, mood changes, hormone fluctuations, less productivity, and less quality of living come with all forms of insomnia. 20% of individuals can stay asleep yet spend hours attempting to go to sleep. And last is the 10% who struggle with both issues.  

Natural Remedies for Insomnia

The million-dollar question is how do we address these sleep issues without medications? I speak daily about this question. And I often repeat that you will never “fix” insomnia. Unless, of course, you are doing something to cause it that you are unaware of. Like caffeine intake. But, I would like to offer you the knowledge of “managing insomnia” with my safe options.  
I have written a free e-book on sleep that I have taught and personally utilized for decades to help people optimize their sleep. Download your copy here
Also, I want to introduce you to a company that has formulated two of the most complete and science-based sleep formulas on the market. The company is Utzy Naturals. I was quite impressed when I reviewed their science on their sleep products: Utzzz’s Fall Asleep and Utzzz’s Stay Asleep.
The Utzzz’s Stay Asleep works on assisting us in meeting the four different stages of sleep:
1-Light sleep
2-Brain Waves Slow
3-Deep Sleep
4-REM Rapid Eye Movement which is the dream state level 
Utzzz’s Stay Asleep’s formula biochemically uses a variety of nutrients that, some of which, actually cross the brain barrier. These ingredients are well absorbed. And when they reach the brain, studies show we fall asleep faster, maintain sleep longer, and improve the quality of sleep.  

GABA, 5-HTP, and Other Relaxing Ingredients

One of my life-saving nutrients over the past many years is GABA. GABA is a natural brain chemical that lessens as our birthdays keep rolling around. GABA keeps us calm. And so often the lack of sleep is rooted in fear. Or what I call cognitive popcorn where our minds won’t stop pouring out thoughts. This prevents sleep!
Studies show GABA and 5-HTP reduces falling asleep time from 32 to 19 minutes. And duration increases from 5 to 6.8 hours. Theanine, from green tea, is also included in the Stay Asleep formula. This helps smooth our brain waves on EEG studies. Other ingredients are a special sour cherry, ashwagandha, German chamomile, and magnesium.  
I have never found a formula close to Stay Asleep. The only objection I have is the dose of 4 capsules. But, I see this as an advantage. It is simply not possible to use all-natural ingredients in one capsule and expect impressive resultsThese ingredients are concentrated foods, so I encourage you to not be discouraged by dosage.  
Utzy’s second product is for those who have issues with falling asleep.   
Utzzz’s Fall Asleep contains a mixture of relaxing herbs such as Valerian, Lemon Balm, Passionflower, Scullcap, and MagnesiumI love these relaxing herbs as they are quite capable of “taking the edge off” when we are mentally or physically wired up. They also do not leave a hangover effect and the dose is only 2 before bed.  
Neither of these products contains melatonin. But the formulas assist our own bodies in making melatonin which is the ultimate method for this sleep hormone. Many individuals have issues with taking synthetic melatonin which can cause a hangover effect, headache, or excess dreaming
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Have More Questions?  

I encourage anyone struggling in the sleep world to embrace one of these formulas from this quality companyAnd, my e-book gives 12 steps to consider that are relatively easy but important to add to your recipe for your future deep sleep.
If you’re looking for more ways to alleviate insomnia, read our 11 tips here. And, if you’re looking for a more personalized experience, contact us today. We’re here to help you live your best life. 
May the sleep be with you!
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