Gas and Bloating: Naturally Decrease Those Dreaded Symptoms

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We’ve all experienced the uncomfortable and often embarrassing gas and bloating. Even foods that haven’t caused it before can suddenly make our tummies upset and cause those dreaded symptoms. If you’re in need of some relief (and aren’t we all at some point!), there are ways to reduce gas and bloating in a natural way.

Of course, we’re huge proponents of going the natural route whenever possible. Plus, the over-the-counter gas relief medications are super concerning. So that makes us want to go natural all the more. One of the biggest names in gas reduction uses simethicone which isn’t of too much concern in and of itself. But in addition to the simethicone, they add unnecessary and potentially harmful additives. Those include calcium phosphate tribasic, colloidal silicon dioxide, D&C Red 30 aluminum lake, dextrose, flavors, maltodextrin, propylene glycol, and soy protein isolate. Most of these additives have potential negative side effects and health implications.

So if we should avoid over-the-counter meds to reduce our intake of these potentially harmful ingredients, what options do we have?

Digestion Tip #1: Chew Slower

Most of us probably got chastised as children for not chewing our food slow enough. Mama always knows best, right? By slowing down and chewing your food well you can make a noticeable difference in your digestion. Oftentimes undigested food can cause gas. But by chewing your food well you are aiding in the digestion process. It’s an easy (and free) way to help your body do its job.

Digestion Tip #2: Take Digestive Enzymes

Enzymes are a great way to help reduce gas and bloating. There are certain enzymes that are better for certain foods known to upset tummies. Our friends at Enzymedica are the enzyme experts. They have enzymes to help with food-specific digestion. Issues like beans, vegetables, and dairy, and generic indigestion. They even have products to help people who struggle with digesting fat. (Those without gallbladders, rejoice!) They provided this breakdown of the more food-specific products they offer and how their products help aid in the reduction of gas and bloating:

Beans and Vegetables: Alpha Galactosidase

Beans and vegetables contain complex carbohydrates that our bodies have difficulty breaking down. By taking supplements with alpha galactosidase, you can get the reinforcements you need to break down those complex carbs into easily digestible sugars.

Lactose/Dairy: Lactase

For many of us, our gas and bloating come from lactose intolerance. Our ability to make lactase, the enzyme that breaks down lactose, decreases as we get older. So supplementation is a great option for many people.

Fat: Lipase

With how high-fat much of the foods we love and are easy to get can be, we experience more digestive discomfort from fat now than ever. Lipase can ease these symptoms.
Enzymes can be very effective and are definitely worth a try! Read this article to learn more about digestive enzyme supplements.

Digestion Tip #3: Intermittent Fasting

By reducing your food intake you can reduce the work that your body has to do to digest food. If you do cut out some meals, we encourage you to still eat mindfully during the times you do eat. Don’t bombard your body with foods that are not beneficial to your health and can cause discomfort.

Digestion Tip #4: Keep a Food Journal

There are foods that are going to make you miserable even if you do all the things listed above. Keeping a food journal will allow you to keep track of what you’re eating and record how you’re feeling. This is especially good if you are trying to figure out what those trigger foods are.

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