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The Magical Healing Benefits of Essential Oils

By Ed Jones | April 30, 2015

These oils are the extracts of the liquid parts of herbs, flowers and plants and research is confirming their almost magical healing powers.

Magic Nutrients to Reduce Stress and Depression Symptoms

By Nutrition World | January 13, 2015

Nutrients reduce stress and symptoms of depression Relora for stress Two plant-based nutrients, from magnolia and philodendron bark, are traditional remedies for anxiety and stress. Doctors in this study measured cortisol, a hormone the body releases under stress, in 56 men and women with moderate levels of psychological stress. Participants took a placebo or 250…

The Power of Sleeping

By Nutrition World | October 1, 2014

The most natural way to protect your mental and physical health that also helps your life quality is sleeping.

Our New, Delicious Veganic (Beyond Organic) Cereal!

By Nutrition World | August 5, 2014

Since nowadays, organic has gone mainstream and is stocked by your local Walmart, it is important to know what organic really means. Does the word “organic” really mean that it was grown with integrity and that it is going to be providing more nutrients to support your health?  We hope so, but in the age…

The first 100% healthy Peach Pie that will spin your head.

By Ed Jones | July 30, 2014

Excess sugar in our foods is damaging our health beyond belief and no amount of vitamins, green vegetables or magic potions can counter the inflammatory destructive effects excess sugar.  

Probiotics-A Billion Good Decisions

By Nutrition World | July 26, 2014

I ask you to imagine the following two scenarios for your life:  The first is that you are sent away to live on an island where everyone is against you in some way and wants to constantly do harm to you and your body.    We can easily predict that our health, longevity and happiness…

1 in 4 Men Over 30 Suffer from Low Testosterone

By Ed Jones | July 10, 2014

Results from a study from the Endocrine Society, recently showed that a shocking 1 in 4 men over the age of 30 years old has low testosterone levels. Low testosterone levels can be a serious issue that can effect many parts of a males anatomy.  While sometimes signs of low testosterone are very evident, low…

Nutrition World Now Offers an Advanced Body Composition Analyzer

By Ed Jones | July 10, 2014

Doctors know that the Body Mass Index (BMI) alone is not enough for extensive analysis of a patient’s health status and body composition. Because what about contents of fat, muscle, or water? All of which are important indicators of deadly diseases. This challenge gave Seca enough reason to develop a device to measure body composition.…

The Powerful Weight Loss Benefits of Tea

By Nutrition World | July 9, 2014

One of the most common health problems today is obesity. It has become difficult to keep a healthy diet since most of us are overexposed every day to cheap fast food chains and meals that just get bigger and bigger (and never healthier). Trying to find solutions is now a priority for many people concerned…

The Easiest Way to Get Your Greens and Veggies!

By Nutrition World | July 7, 2014

Are you getting your 5-9 vegetables in per day? If you are like most Americans, you are not. Often times we are too busy to think about how to get all of our nutrition needed for a healthy body and mind.  Fortunately there are some very convenient, healthy options that pack loads of healthy antioxidants,…


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