Electric Meters and Headaches

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One of my gifts of life is to be in a business that is also my passion and I believe the number one part I enjoy the most is hearing the actual stories of customers in regard to their health. I have estimated that over 33 years I have been in direct contact with over 500,000 people and hearing how they improved their health is what brings me in the store each and every day.

This story focuses on the potential negative effects on EMF (electromagnetic fields) on our bodies, which are invisible dirty electricity that are produced anytime flow of electrical energy is powering any device. We are now swimming in a sea of these EMF’s that were non existent not that many decades ago. EMF’s somehow seem to affect the harmony and health of living organisms in ways we still don’t know and many people are beginning to show strong association with cell phones, lights, wiring, etc and their inability to recover from illness or to maintain their health. I have tested homes with high tech equipment that pin points the location of these EMF’s and it is amazing how sometimes moving only 5 feet from a location can reduce the exposure by considerable amounts.

A few weeks ago I spoke with a woman named Jayne Cagle who recounted her personal story of how she started suffering chronic headaches for no apparent reason and accidentally discovered that without her knowledge, one of the new electric meters had been installed on her house that emits very potent EMF’s directly in the house and she suspected that this may be one reason for her headaches. She called and had the new meter removed and had the old meter reinstalled and within 24 hours ceased having any more headaches! Jane Cagle has a blog site that describes this experience with EMF’s and her headaches.

The second experience is how a simple decal placed on the back of a cellular device could actually increase stamina, strength and endurance in those who used it.

Mike Flynt and Dr Bill Greenman are two of the most ethical and passionate health advocates I have met in a long time and they have research showing that EMF’s weaken the body when we are exposed to them and has done actual studies on how a new cell phone guard called WiFi Shield applied to the back of a phone or other device can actually increase the strength and stamina of people by rebalancing the negative EMF’s into a neutral effect. What the WiFi Shield is doing seems to be redirecting the negative aspects of EMF’s into a balanced form of energy that has shown very positive results for individuals in improving stamina and strength that were verified through tests in gyms, thermography and other scientific monitoring. I personally tested one of his WiFi shields and found without question it allowed me to perform better in the gym. I have been very skeptical in the past about products that claimed to achieve protection from EMF’s but after seeing the results of Mike Flynt’s and Dr Greenman testing and my own results, I am convinced of these shields true effectiveness.

A simple decal placed on the back of a cellular device could actually increase stamina, strength and endurance in those who used it. Click To Tweet
The other remarkable part of this new WiFi shield is that you only have to apply one shield to your phone and it protects against all other EMF exposures as long as you have the protected phone on your body.





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