EMF Protection: The Truth About EMF

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Have you heard the term ‘EMF’ in recent news? It’s likely that you have but you may have questions. Like, what is it? And, how does it affect me? No fear, because we’re here to break it down for you and give you an EMF protection plan.


What is EMF?

Electromagnetic Fields, or EMF, are fields of invisible energy. Every single electronic device, cell tower, light, radio, etc. emit EMF. Basically, if it’s running on electricity, it’s emitting EMF.
Let’s talk about cell phones for a minute. There’s no doubt about it. The world loves their cell phones. We’re glued to our screens. But, we rarely think about the effects of the massive amounts of EMFs we are exposed to every second of every day! Most people only consider the convenience that comes from their electronic gadgets. But, I am 100% convinced that continued exposure to high-frequency radio waves is a ticking time bomb. On both a physical and emotional level.   
It is easy to dismiss any concerns about EMFs because you can’t feel your exposure to them. But that is a mirage. There is accumulating research that concerns many experts.   
When our cells are exposed to EMF, it activates our voltage-gated calcium channels. This causes a tremendous influx of calcium to be rushed into the cells after only a few minutes of EMF exposure. This equates to a chain reaction of devastating events that decimates the mitochondria function within our cells.   
And, mitochondria dysfunction creates fast aging! Which, occurring in the brain, can produce a variety of neuropsychiatric effects. Things like anxiety, depression, memory issues, and insomnia. Physically, EMFs can potentially be linked to cardiac arrhythmias, atrial fibrillation, cellular changes, inflammation, and weakness.   

What Do We Do?

So, what do we do about the EMF jungle that we cannot run from in today’s world of growing 5G and cell towers?    

I love what a mentor of mine, Dr. Klinghardt, said a decade ago about this issue. No, we cannot hide from EMF, but we can make wise choices to reduce the dangers. Dr. Klinghardt says we need what he calls a “sleep sanctuary.” The biggest issue with continued exposure to EMF is the body never gets a chance to “reset itself” back to baseline. Sleeping is the only time this has a chance to occur. 

The EMF Protection Plan

  1. Put your router on a timer so when you sleep you don’t have a cell tower in your bedroom.

  2. Place your cell phone 5 feet away from your body and head at night.

  3.  Never use electric heating blankets.

  4. Move all clock radios or any electric appliance away from your bedside. Even if a light is off it emits EMF.

  5. Purchase an EMF blocking phone case.

  6. I wear an EMF protection device that offers me a sense of protection. I interviewed the doctor who invented this device if you would like to learn more.

  7. Practice grounding, the method of placing your bare feet or hands on the ground for 20 minutes. It’s like a lightning rod that helps shuttle stored imbalances of EMF out of the body. This is one of the main reasons we feel better at the beach!

  8. Take magnesium supplements. Magnesium slows the calcium from entering the cell due to the EMF exposure which offers some level of protection to your body. Only use forms of magnesium that are highly absorbable. I never recommend the oxide form of magnesium.  
These tips will be easy to do and your results will be noticeable within a few weeks if you will be consistent.

Want to Learn More?

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