Testosterone: A Decline in Hormone Levels & What You Can Do About It

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Did you know that the average testosterone levels of men today are at least 17% less than two decades ago? This decline has had a negative effect on a large percentage of our male population. Why? Lifestyle habits have changed. We’ll dive into these habits a bit deeper in a moment.

But, first, what is testosterone?
Testosterone is the male hormone that has a plethora of functions within the human body. Strength. Stamina. Libido. Hair growth. Improved mood. Decreased body fat. And, it’s what adds that spark to the male persona.
Now we understand what testosterone is and what it does in the human body. So, let’s take a look at those lifestyle habits that may be having a negative impact and what you can do to combat them.   

Endocrine Disruptors   

These are substances that act like estrogen within our bodies. And, unfortunately, we encounter these substances every single day! Most shampoos. Toothpaste. Many antiperspirants. Plastic water bottles. Certain pharmaceuticals. Saran wrap. Fumes that range from that new car smell to cologne. Canned foods. Receipt paper. Children’s toys. Fire retardants. Tap water. And even commercial floss for teeth!   
These endocrine disruptors interfere with hormone signaling and block hormone function. The result is less usable testosterone. What can you do about it? Start by tossing the toxins. Clean up your home and work life by stocking products that refuse to use chemicals. This is a great first step in assisting to rebuild testosterone. Start with your soap and toothpaste. And be careful to NOT fall for the catch-all word “natural.” This term means little when talking about the purity of a product. There are a lot of resources available to you via the world wide web. So, research your products. Or, just come see us at Nutrition World. We would love to help guide you on your journey to chemical-free living. And, of course, you can shop for clean personal care products here.   

Lack of Quality Sleep  

We live in a sleep-deprived country. For a long time, it has been a badge of honor to say we sleep little and work long hours. The truth is that chronic lack of sleep lowers hormones. If you’d like a free resource for combatting insomnia naturally, click here.

Chronic Stress  

When we go from day to day in fight or flight mode we raise the stress hormone cortisol. Raised cortisol levels act similarly to the drug prednisone within the human body. Side effects include thinning skin, weight gain, increase in appetite, and lowering of hormones. To lower cortisol levels, embrace a stress management protocol that involves: 
  1. Regular exercise, even if for only a few minutes daily.
  2. Some type of meditative practice, even if for only a few minutes daily.
  3. Taking the herb ashwagandha. This herb is an adaptogen that increases your resistance to stress. It also makes your emotional being less fragile and your physical being stronger. You can shop for ashwagandha here.

How to Raise Testosterone Naturally

Vitamin D:
Supplementing with 5,000 to 10,000 units of Vitamin D per day can be an effective way to increase testosterone. I do recommend blood testing within a few months of starting Vitamin D. We offer blood testing at Nutrition World on the last Friday of each month
Time-Restricted Eating:
Try to limit your feeding time to 10 hours per day. If it’s outside of that 10-hour window, don’t eat. Many men have seen great results from incorporating time-restricted eating as part of their lifestyle. From increasing their testosterone levels to just feeling so much better overall
Other Methods:
In some cases, men need the help of pharmaceutical intervention if levels aren’t optimal after lifestyle changes. I do not recommend the cream for a variety of reasons but other options are available. 
Several companies make natural products for the support of testosterone. But use caution with some of these products. To view some of our options, you can do that here. Rest assured, we only carry the very best.
For more information on how to raise testosterone levels naturally, read on here.

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