COVID-19: Nutritional Supplements Getting Attention

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COVID-19…updates from the medical community on medical protocols and supplements we can use to fight it.

I have known the amazing Dr. Melvin  with Partners in Care, LLC, for 25 years. I had the pleasure of interviewing her last week on my radio show, Vital Health Radio.  She provided us with some updates on medical treatments for COVID-19.


Dr. Melvin has developed quite a bit of knowledge, experience and wisdom on treating her patients with COVID over the past year. Dr. Melvin is a highly respected Chattanooga physician. Her patient base is quite a bit older than the average, which in itself has extra challenges associated with age and COVID-19.   


I have spent my entire life learning, understanding and watching the potential miracles that are possible with proper nutritional intervention. I am observing in the past months a paradigm shift of untold levels regarding some in the medical community and individuals embracing the power of nutritional supplementation as they have never before.   


Supplements Become Mainstream

On December 24, 2020, an article appeared in the mainstream media explaining the COVID-19 protocol from Eastern Virginia Medical School. 


This was one week after Dr. Melvin explained many of these exact suggestions on Vital Health Radio during my interview with her! As the Bob Dylan song says, “The times they are a changing.” I must say, honestly, not a minute too soon! Sadly, we have lost many lives this past year. We believe we can help save lives in the future by using these protocols for patients in the world of corporate medicine. 


The news article referenced above interviewed Dr. Peter Osborne with Origins Nutrition Center. He stated, “Recent studies show that nine out of 10 COVID deaths may have been prevented if people had adequate Vitamin D levels.”


This is why I began giving away FREE Vitamin D many months ago to teachers and health care workers with proper I.D. at Nutrition World. We’ve been recommending arming your immune system with Vitamin D to protect against the pandemic since March 2020.


Here is the link for the protocol for those who would like to learn or share with their medical professional.   


We discuss Quercetin, the natural powerhouse supplement mentioned in the protocols here.


I truly anticipate we are coming to the end of our dark storms regarding this virus. The number of non-professionals searching for the information to arm themselves and loved ones during the pandemic is increasing. Fortunately, we now can know a growing amount of amazing health professionals such as Dr. Melvin that are ready to assist those in need. I encourage you to listen to Dr. Melvin on Vital Health Radio to learn more. Her interview starts at minute 12. 


Also please tune in each week with myself and the wonderful Dr. Greene each Sunday at 98.1 FM from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. or online at most podcast options.   


I could not ask for any greater holiday gift for all.


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