Self Care Tips for Everyone

The idea of self care has received much needed attention in the last few years. Especially in the area of social media. The type of self care often portrayed is the trendy “once a week sparkly bath bomb.” Now, if bath bombs bring you relaxation, peace, hopefulness or a renewed energy, then bring on those sparkles – chemical and toxin free, of course! But, let’s look at some other self care tips that will bring a renewed vitality to your health.

Picture what you desire most in life. Do you want to travel? Attend concerts? Spend quality time with family? Or, cook delicious foods? No matter what you desire, these activities will be best enjoyed if you have your health. When you’re energetic, full of vitality, clear thinking and vibrant, every activity is that much more special.

Here are some self-care tips that are oriented around the best decision for your health.

Self care says no.

The word ‘no’ can sometimes feel harsh. It has a negative connotation in our society. But, saying a gentle “no” allows for you to put your time and energy into something that builds you up. Try saying, “No, I don’t have time,” or “No, that doesn’t quite feel right.” No is a beautiful, powerful and meaningful word.

Set an intention to pay off debt

Debt adds stress. Stress robs us of our vital life energy. The feeling of being free of financial burden is a breath of fresh air. It’s a weight lifted off your shoulders. There are a plethora of financial advisors/gurus to listen to. A favorite piece of advice is from Dave Ramsey to pay off the credit card or bill that has the lowest value. Why? You get rewarded mentally every time you see a paid bill or a credit card that has a balance of $0. Those small mental rewards begin to fuel you to make larger changes. You’ll pay off those larger bills or those larger credit cards before you know it. Lowering stress is self care at its best.

Remove toxins from your life.

Toxins come in many forms. Start by removing processed foods, a bad relationship, and everyday chemicals from your home and skincare regimens. I view toxins by thinking about our total body burden. We can burden our body in hundreds of ways. The beauty of this idea is that, alternatively, we can free our bodies in the same way. So, when removing toxins, take one step at a time. Analyze your dish soap. Think about the ingredients in your face wash. What ingredients are cleaning your kitchen counter? What makeup brand are you putting on your skin day in and day out? And then, as time and budget allows, begin making changes to cleaner, less toxic options. How do you know what ingredients to look for? Use helpful resources like the Environmental Working Group’s non-profit organization’s database. You can check your skincare, hair care, detergent and cleaning products by typing in the brand, product name or ingredient.

Make time to have fun.

Self care means taking time to be joyful deep down in your soul. The type of joy that comes with going on an adventure. Or, the type of joy that come from sitting with a warm cup of coffee watching the sun. If fun looks like that sparkly toxin free bath bomb, then go for it! Whatever it looks like to you, make time for fun.

Self care is not a one-size-fits-all idea. But, by incorporating these tips to improve your health and vitality, self care will become a part of how you live and who you are.

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