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When I was growing up, I always loved the story of Ponce de Leon. In 1513, he ventured across the oceans to find the fountain of youth. The closest thing to his fountain of youth is not found in St. Augustine, Florida. But you can find it in your lifestyle and nutrition.   


My lifelong career and my passion for health and nutrition has allowed me to discover so many of these lifesaving treasures. Most of these health supplements remain under the radar for almost everyone. I very much desire you to know about one of my most special and impressive nutrients, NAC.   


The natural nutrient, n-acetylcysteine (NAC) is one of the most researched nutrients of 2020. It’s also been used as one of the most and protective nutrients during 2020. I have studied NAC for 15 years. Right now manufacturers are barely able to keep up with the demands by customers. 


What Do NAC Supplements Do in the Body?


NAC’s boosts something called glutathione within the body. Glutathione is one of our most powerful antioxidants that protect us from toxins and pathogens.  NAC is actually found in all emergency rooms for the individuals who overdose on tylenol. Given quickly, NAC stops all liver damage from these overdoses.  


Why is NAC Trending Right Now? 


Currently, we’re all watching how the NAC supplement slows the cytokine storm within the lungs. That cytokine storm is sending many virus infected individuals to the ICU this year. A cytokine storm causes the immune system to become over aggressive with the virus battle. That actually creates damage and fluid due to the inflammation storm.


A 1994 study 1 found NAC enhances recovery from acute lung injury. Study highlights include:
  • significant regression of patients’ lung injury score during the first 10 days of treatment, and
  • significant reduction of the need for ventilation.
After three days of treatment, only 17% of those receiving NAC needed ventilation, compared to 48% in the placebo group
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More NAC Supplement Benefits


Other potential NAC supplement benefits may help
  1. counter damage from alcohol consumption
  2. decrease acne
  3. strengthens bone health,
  4. assists leaky gut,
  5. minimize chronic bronchitis,
  6. and much more.
NAC may also help maintain healthy viscosity of the blood which is vital for our life and healing .  


In my vast array of nutrients that I ingest everyday, I will always include NAC in a morning and evening dose. Most vitamins, herbs and nutrients only maintain blood levels for 8 to 12 hours. I prefer 24 hour benefits from all my health and nutrition efforts and money. That’s why I take my supplements two times a day.


Learn More About Lung Health and NAC


If you want to boost your lung health, consider adding NAC supplements to your daily nutrition program.  To learn more about NAC and our immune system please listen to Dr. Rountree on my Holistic Navigator podcast.





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