Mouth Taping: Achieve Your Best Sleep Ever

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Do you like to explore and try new things when it comes to your health? Me too. You can call me the Christopher Columbus of health and wellness explorations. If it has to do with achieving superior health, count me in. After reading the title of this article, you might be asking yourself how tape can help you sleep. Well, come along, and let’s explore this subject together!

Dr. Buteyko on Mouth Breathing 

In my years of research, I came across a passionate physician from Russia, Dr. Buteyko. He discovered the harm done to our bodies from two simple mistakes. #1: fast breathing and #2: mouth breathing. Dr. Buteyko taught his patients how to regulate their breathing through practice exercises. (You can learn all about the Buteyko Method here!) He also found that mouth breathing, especially at night, is devastating to our physical and mental health. And, the reason for this? The change that occurs in carbon dioxide and oxygen.   

Shut Your Mouth!

So, of course, what did I do after learning this information? I followed his advice, and I taped my mouth shut at night! Yes, putting a small piece of special tape on your mouth prevents you from mouth breathing. And, it’s life-changing, I assure you. When I began mouth taping, I’ve had deeper sleep, no dry mouth, better dental exams, zero sinus issues, less anxiety, and so many other positives In fact, I am so confident of the benefits of mouth taping that if I leave for a trip and forget my tape I will turn around and drive home to get it.   
A 2019 article from the New York Times Magazine noted, “Scientists link habitual mouth breathing to a host of medical issues, including sleep problems, learning disorders, tooth decay, bad breath and jaw deformities in children. Plus, a new study suggests that there may be a legitimate basis for mouth taping.  Japanese researchers obstructed the nostrils of young rats, forcing them to breathe through their mouths, and two weeks later found that the rodents needed twice as long to navigate a maze and had developed fewer brain cells than their unobstructed counterparts. ‘There are very few things that people can do to improve their health as much as simply switching to nasal breathing,’ says Michalak, who tapes his mouth shut every night and claims he can spot mouth breathers in a crowd of strangers by looking at their jaws.”

Mouth Taping How-To

I place a small piece of this special tape only in the middle of my lips. This gives me openings on the side to prevent claustrophobia. And it allows me to cough or even answer the phone if needed. If you’re interested in trying it out, you can buy mouth tape here
Remember, superior health is achieved through many small steps, not one large one. Mouth taping is one of these small steps, but yet it’s virtually unknown to anyone. Give it a try. I promise you’ll reap huge benefits within one week. I challenge you to join me in being the explorer of safe and effective methods in your natural health revolution!
You can watch our video about mouth breathing here.

Want to Learn More?

If you have more questions about the information shared in this article, come see us! As always, we’re here to help you live your best life.
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