How To Lose Weight Once And For All

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The eternal question that has been asked of me more often than any other in my 37 year career at Nutrition World is the following:  “What can I do to lose weight?”

Everyone who has struggled with excessive pounds has most likely tried a multiplicity of diets and products yet very few lose adequate weight or keep it off.

The reason that obesity is growing at such an alarming rate is that many people are following the incorrect rules in this weight loss game.  Long ago before we “learned from the so called experts about weight control” a substantially higher percentage of society maintained a relatively healthy body fat than they do now.  A new report issued recently says that the average woman weighs today what the average man weighed in the 1960’s!

The inaccurate theory that has been preached for decades is “calories in equals calories out” or “just push away from the table“. This thinking is still prevalent even in highly trained experts and this is one core reason for people’s failure.

I will not disagree that simple gorging on foods, (even healthy foods) will result in eventual obesity. The folks I am referring to are those who are using common sense and choosing reasonable diets yet each year they gain another few pounds almost regardless of exercise or discipline of eating.  If you are one of these frustrated dieters, read the following.

I am going to reveal to you the exactly true reasons why you cannot lose weight:

The disturbed biochemistry of your body is the overwhelming reason for your inability to achieve ideal weight, not the wrong diet!

The above statement changes the whole game.

Balanced body chemistry is what allowed you to eat whatever, within reason, when you were younger and not gain weight.  It also allowed you to lose weight by simple changes in your daily diet that required only common sense and a couple of weeks.   The reason this is no longer an option is almost totally due to the disturbed biochemistry of our bodies that sends the calories to weight gain instead of energy production.

Without getting into complex chemistry, the blood values of fasting insulin, omega 3, glucose, C-reactive protein, testosterone, estrogen, insulin resistance and thyroid are the key players in the game of healthy weight management.  When I finally realized this truth years ago on what produces effective dieting, I was forced to stop recommending the majority of “diet products” because very few of them addressed any of the root causes of biochemistry malfunctions in the body.

I am proud to speak on the fact that science and reputable nutrition companies have now developed a number of valid, safe and effective methods to reharmonize your biochemistry closer to optimal and these offer safe viable options for realizing your ideal weight.   Here are a few of the newer options that you may want to consider if you are needing to lose pounds.

PGXDaily1. PGX

Is an all natural complex of special fibers called polysaccharides that restore insulin sensitivity if taken before meals.  PGX is the result of years of extensive studies at leading universities in collaboration with the Canadian Center for Functional Medicine.  Taking one to two capsules 20 minutes before meals will block some of the carbohydrates and also decrease appetite due to the special fiber in PGX. Temporary gas can be a side effect.

2. MCT oil

Is from coconut oil and has been found to be very thermogenic. (this means it increases metabolism) Many users report amazing results when combined into a protein drink or even coffee and used twice daily. The most powerful meal replacement drink for health and metabolism I have ever discovered is the following: Low sugar almond or organic milk, 1 to 2 tablespoons of MCT, 1 scoop of either whey or Warrior Blend protein. Mix all in blender and you have hours of nutrition and energy.  (I also many times add a green drink powder to get the magic of green foods but this does detract from the taste)

LifeExtIrvingia3. Life Extension Irvingia:

This product contains an herb called “African Mango”.  In the largest clinical study using Irvingia extract, 8 weeks of use resulted in very positive results by restoring Leptin receptors in the body. (again this is a method of rebalancing chemistry in the body)  Leptin is the hormone that signals the appetite control center of your brain so if your hunger is out of control and appetite is your main issue, consider Irvingia.

 4. Ideal Protein Diet  Program:

This is the most effective method of balancing all forms of your body chemistry.  Ideal Protein has been in Canada for years. Nutrition World is Chattanooga’s official Ideal Protein Center and has assisted hundreds of individuals to success over the past 8 years.  It consists of a monitored and supervised program to rehabilitate your pancreas and blood sugar levels. (again fixing the chemistry is the key to the success of this program).  On Tuesday, August 4th at 6pm, a free lecture will be offered at Nutrition World by Dr Keener that fully explains the Ideal Protein Diet. Dr Keener has counseled more clients that have lost over 100lbs of weight on Ideal Protein than any other practitioner in the country!  I guarantee you if you just come a listen to how he explains losing weight, half the battle will be won for you.

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