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Some of my readers may remember last year when I revealed the less than ideal results of a blood test that indicated my levels of healthy and harmful fats in the blood stream.

This information was revealed from the “Vital Omega Test” which is a state of the art finger-prick test that I recommend to anyone who is desiring this potentially lifesaving information. As Mehmet Oz, M.D., of Columbia University said, “Maintaining the right balance between your omega-3 and omega-6 fats is absolutely vital for optimal health.”


Studies from other countries where the heart disease rate and other health conditions are significantly less than the United States shows strong evidence to the connection between the ratio’s of the healthy Omega 3 fatty acids to the less desirable Omega 6’s. The ONLY way to discover these numbers is by using a test such as “The Vital Omega Test”.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer (4)My personal conclusions after examining my own tests plus looking at other results from other clients that utilized the Vital Omega Test, brought me to the following opinion:

  1. We have almost completely missed the mark on proper dosage of Omega 3 supplements.
  2. The recommended dose from the manufacturer probably needs to be completely ignored.
  3. I only observed “excellent” results on the Vital Test if the person took no less than 8 capsules daily of a high potency quality brand of omega 3’s!!! (Check with your health professional if you have medical issues before starting high dose Omega 3’s)
  4. It is totally unrealistic to expect today’s farming methods will produce foods that are low in Omega 6 and high in the healthy Omega 3.
  5. Foods such as Salmon and other fish are primarily being farm raised and fed inferior foods such as corn, cattle meat and chicken feathers which prevents the fish from producing healthy levels of healthy fat that we so desperately need. To learn more about this issue, watch this video.
  6. Supplementing with poor quality Omega 3 supplements creates more harm than good if they are not produced from chemical free, non rancid fish. Heavy metals, pesticides and chemicals in our food chain are devastating our health.


Click Here to View My Test Results

There are many excellent quality brands of Omega 3 supplements at Nutrition World but the product I recently utilized that showed a significant improvement from my first test to the second is Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega.

The 4 reasons I commonly recommend Nordic Naturals is because of the following:

  1. Nordic owns their own fishing boats which insures total control from start to finish.
  2. Nordic uses the Triglyceride form of Omega 3 which is the molecular structure exactly as nature intended.
  3. I never burp Nordics products.
  4. Nordic extensively tests their products to insure purity.

Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 7.03.58 PM

To learn more about the exceptional quality of their fish oils, visit Nordic Naturals’ website.

To learn more about the Vital Omega Test, log onto the Vital Omega Test website. Nutrition World stocks the Vital Omega Test for $99.00.


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