The Magic of EFT

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Ask me what the most damaging influence to our health is and you might expect my answer would be poor nutrition, toxins in our foods, or lack of exercise. But I now believe this may be incorrect.

I have estimated that I have observed the health of over 100,000 individuals over my career and despite my total belief on the importance of nutrition, living a clean life and exercise, the answer is none of these. The number one factor that causes more problems in our health than any others is “stored emotions”. Larry Burk, MD, a co-founder of the Duke Center for Integrative Medicine states in the recent Oprah Magazine, “We store every memory in the body,” and I wholeheartedly agree.

We mentally form an image of ourselves as one physical entity. However, we actually share greater similarities to a large orchestra which has many musicians and instruments. Each musician plays its part to create the larger expression of something called, “The song”.  This song is the “truest me” but all the instruments must play in sync and be conducted by an expert to have a totally healthy “Ed Jones song.”

In a world free of all trauma and stress, the music would be perfectly written and conducted which would allow for long healthy expression of beauty and health. However, this is not realistic.  

When we experience heartbreak, pain, trauma, and stress during certain vulnerable moments of life, these negative messages are programmed into some of the cells of our bodies and the sheet music is instantly rewritten. The rewriting of these instructions creates cellular expressions that often produce fear, emotional disharmony, poor health and disease. The American method of handling these insults to our psyche is to run, hide, medicate, drink, overwork, create distractions, and any of the other hundreds of tricks that result in anything but facing and negating the damage.

The American method of handling these insults to our psyche is to run, hide, medicate, drink, overwork, create distractions, and any of the other hundreds of tricks that result in anything but facing and negating the… Share on X

Many methods can be found that addresses release of negative programming but one of my most favorite methods is using a technique called EFT. EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique and is a science based theory that was originally brought to the public by Gary Craig. EFT is a simple, do-it-yourself technique that operates on the acupuncture points in the body where emotions can become trapped in a type of endless spiral that may never end without such intervention.  

To practice EFT you simply need to learn the exact points and the proper verbal expressions to unlock the secrets to this technique. EFT is easy to learn and also moderately easy to practice as needed on yourself. I am including below a link for learning EFT free. Please understand that at first this may seem silly to you but my experience has shown that it can reduce symptoms of anxiety, pain or other issues by 20% to 50% within 10 minutes once you learn the process of EFT.

During any periods of continued stress, worry and despair I recommend EFT. I have had days where I would go into a bathroom and take 5 minutes several times in a day and it was so helpful to keep from sinking into a difficult place. I love having hands-on techniques that are at my fingertips rather than relying on our cult of experts that make us believe we are powerless without their services.    

I was quite fortunate to have an experienced teacher counsel me on EFT years ago and have used it often for a variety of reasons with great success.

To learn how to practice this amazing technique EFT I recommend viewing this video

May you be well and healthy today and everyday!


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