TA65 – The Molecule that Makes Your Cells Young Again!

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I have been fascinated for as long as I remember with the idea that someday we could possibly come up with something we take internally that might extend the lifespan of humans by a few years to even several decades.  It seems to me that if we could remain healthy and functional, what a gift it would be to see our friends, loved ones and ourselves still pursuing our dreams at ages where most people only focus on the next doctors appointment, bowel movements or making trips to the drugstores to get refills on the many drugs prescribed to them.

It takes no real knowledge to understand that taking care of our body with exercise, healthy food, nutritional supplements and proper mental attitude can greatly increase our quality and quantity of our years.  Still is glaringly obvious to me that each person seems to have a built in clock in our cells that simply will allow us to live only so long, despite all we may do to prolong life.

I study and read voraciously on all levels of nutrition and anti-aging and despite so many theories and experiments, it seems we still have made little headway in slowing the aging process, until perhaps now.  I attend national conferences and trade shows on health and nutrition and last year in Baltimore, I had the fortune to speak to the company, T.A. Sciences which produces one product, TA65.  This product may be the first true breakthrough in the science of longevity because it has respectable research indicating its ability to lengthen something called a telomere, which is part of of the chromosome that protects its ends in our genetic code of our cells.  Telomeres that shorten as we age are seen as perhaps the key mechanism that produces many of the negative effects of our advancing years.  Telomeres that are shortening are analogous to the ends of shoestrings that have become old and frayed and this type of telomere becomes less efficient and functional with continued shortening which accelerates damage to cells which increases aging.   For anyone interested in learning more about telomeres and testing, make sure to watch the video below.

TA65 is a natural ingredient that is extremely expensive to process and concentrate and that is why the price is more than any one product ever sold over the counter in the nutrition industry.  The testing of the length of your telomere is now available and the initial research shows that after using TA65 for one year or more, telomeres are shown to regain some of their lost length.

I can tell you from my own personal experimenting with TA65, I absolutely feel a difference after I was on the product for 1 month.  I had vast amounts more stamina and strength in the gym and simply felt a better sense of wellbeing.  I expect to continue to increase as I reach the year mark of taking it.

Suzanne Somers is a very outspoken supporter of TA65 and she raves about her results with the product.  TA65 is the only product that is kept in the safe at the store so that indicates how expensive it is.  The price of TA65 is regularly $600.00 for 90 caps however Nutrition World sells it for $540.00 but cannot allow any additional discounts.






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