Time to Stop Taking Calcium?

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I have been preaching for over 15 years that I do not believe in taking large doses of calcium for the purpose of preventing or treating osteoporosis.

I know this may sound odd that I am recommending to not take a nutrient but the fact is that calcium taken without its additional nutrient helpers becomes a very damaging molecule because of its ability to form arterial plaque, bone spurs, kidney stones and cataracts if taken incorrectly.  The human metabolism is designed to only utilize calcium with the addition of proper amounts of magnesium, vitamin D, vitamin K2 and stomach acids. If any of these 4 are missing, calcium will deposit itself in all the wrong places.

To prove this theory I must tell you a personal story.  Ten years ago I had the amazing opportunity to attend a college class at Southern College to observe and work with 3 cadavers, (deceased people) in a lab setting. All of these people were over 60 and had died of differing diseases. I spent several hours intently looking and holding all the internal organs from these people and learned much from the professor in charge.  I was totally fascinated with all aspects of my day however it soon became crystal clear as to why most of die before their time:  THE CALCIUM THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN THE BONES OF THESE PEOPLE HAD INSTEAD FOUND ITS WAY INTO THE ARTERIES AND INTERNAL ORGANS. When I first squeezed the pencil size artery of the women cadaver and it made a sound similar to crushing an egg shell, I instantly realized that most of us die of old age simply because we become a stone statue which inhibits all our internal organs efficiency and not because our organs were worn out!  This is has now become regarded by science as a valid risk factor for health and longevity.

Most of us die of old age simply because we become a stone statue which inhibits all our internal organs efficiency and not because our organs were worn out! 

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I compare nutrition to an orchestra that requires all the instruments to create the music and if one is missing, the music will be sadly lacking. Nutrients will NEVER be able to be reduced to a single molecule that accomplishes one result because all nutrients work with dozens of accessory compounds to complete their job. You may be reading in the media that calcium is worthless for bones and harmful to your health and yet both these statements are untrue. The truth is that we need calcium desperately but it must be combined with its accessory helpers of Vitamin K, magnesium, Vitamin D and proper digestive acids to allow it to have no side effects and allow it to find its way into the bones.  There are now formulas that combine all of these into one bottle for convenience.

You and your family are now armed with all the proper information needed if you are taking calcium to make it safe and effective. Now when you read in the media or hear everyone speak of calcium as harmful, just smile and go on your way because you now know, “The rest of the story”.

If you want to listen to the full explanation of this topic, click on the following link to hear  Dr. Kate Rhéaume-Bleue speak on how to decrease plaque, build bone mass, maintain healthy cells through adding Vitamin K and other nutrients to your health program.


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