Guaranteed Method to Prevent Colds and Germs!

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We live in a time of almost non-stop media reports that attempt to create massive fears of serious diseases lurking around every corner just waiting to send us into illness or death.

We must somehow become immune to the barrage of these threats or we could quickly succumb to such fear and anxiety that our quality of life would quickly diminish.  I have personally become convinced, after observing thousands of individuals over 37 years,  fear can be one of the most damaging toxins to our health due to its insidious ability to create inflammation, raise cortisol, cause insomnia, lower serotonin in the brain, and greatly reduce the immune systems ability to fight infections.

The scare with the latest epidemic is another example of exaggerated stories of possibilities that are highly unlikely yet make for great news stories.  The common sense holistic approach to treating pathogenic disease causing bacteria, virus or yeast differs greatly from the traditional model that modern medicine now embraces.  Building up the reserves and immune systems of our body is the key mechanism that holistic practitioners have relied upon for hundreds of years to prevent sickness.  However modern day medicine believes in waiting until sickness enters our bodies and at that point seek pharmaceutical and medical intervention.  The truth is that the majority of pathogenic illness is not treatable with drugs and these treatments can so often cause more long term harm than anyone imagines.   It is commonly reported that the 4th leading cause of death is properly prescribed medication.  Read more about this statistic.

One of the decades old analogies that I heard over 30 years ago was the example of the holistic approach to disease compared to traditional as follows:

Imagine a nice beautiful pond in your back yard that attracted birds, squirrels and all other creatures because it contained pure clean water and offered a healthy home to small fish and all other creatures.    However in time the drainage became less than ideal and the water became much more stagnant and lost its ability to maintain its healthy clean water due to its backing up of old water.  It soon became a breeding site for disease carrying mosquitoes, contained filthy water and created an unfavorable environment for the small fish that lived in it.

You decided to get two opinions on addressing the problem.  The first was a traditional pharmaceutical approach.  This called for adding large quantities of chemical insecticides to kill the infestation of mosquitoes in the water.  Knowing that these chemicals would only be effective for a couple of months, recommendations included repeating every few months forever.  This plan did accomplish the goal of stopping the mosquitoes yet had the side effect of damaging the health of all the deer, squirrels and other animals that came to drink and also eliminated all the fish from the water.  

Compare this to the holistic approach which focuses on unblocking the drains which allowed fresh water to flow,  balancing the acid/alkaline PH and adding proper nutrition to the water instead of the addition of chemicals that does not address the underlying cause.

The approach to prevention and treatment of poor health also gives us the same two options as the pond story. I prefer the latter approach where we utilize every available method such as proper food choices, clean water, nutritional supplements, detoxing the body, and addressing the proper mental attitudes.    To learn much of this information, download the free Ebook, Sick and Tired of being Sick and Tired?  

My most favored technique for reducing the emotional stress is the simple technique called, EFT.  Dr Mercola has endorsed EFT for years and I personally have witnessed the remarkable ability for it to reduce stress or pain in almost everyone!  Google EFT for more information and I am pleased to let you know we have a premier EFT practitioner, Lucille York, who is available at Nutrition World for one on one coaching.    Lucille York has years of training by the founder of EFT, Gary Craig, and has traveled the world teaching EFT.  To learn more, Click Here. 

In addition, here are 4 quick tips for staying well that can start to work immediately! 

First Tip:   A recent study in the August 2014 issue of the American Journal of Infection Control was just reported where they compared the ability to transfer germs from either handshake or fist bumping and it showed overwhelmingly that we are so much better off to not shake hands but to do the fist bump.  We carry on our hands every infectious germ imaginable and that is why hand-washing is effective in so effective to reduce infection but it is unrealistic to expect anyone to wash after every handshake or doorknob.  

Second Tip:  I have been telling clients for decades  the MAIN way most germs infect us is through the 3 openings in our head.
When we touch our eyes, ears or nose, this allows for the ingestion of the germ..  The nose, eyes, and ears are about the only entry method that germs can easily enter our body to make us sick unless someone sneezes directly on us.   Rarely does infection enter through the mouth.  I will almost guarantee that if you completely stop touching your eyes, nose and ears with your germ infested fingers, you will reduce sickness by 80%!  This habit of touching these 3 holes in our head is one of the hardest to break due to a lifetime of touching, touching and more touching.  

Third Tip:   the one very best overall nutritional supplement to balance and strengthen a weak immune system is called, Epicor.  I have been recommending Epicor for many years and have found one capsule per day optimizes my immune arsenal within only a matter of days.  As long as I take it daily, I feel greatly protected from the nasty germs.   Epicor also is recommended for candida by many health professionals.  

Fourth Tip: Dr Thomas E. Levy, cardiologist recently published a paper addressing potential infection remedies noting that Vitamin C may be one of the more important nutrients to consider.

To date, not a single virus has been tested that is not inactivated by a large enough dose of Vitamin C”!  A primary way in which vitamin C destroys viruses is by activating the “Fenton reaction”.  In a nutshell, this reaction can proceed inside the virus, inside cells and on the surfaces of the virus themselves.  

I had the amazing opportunity to spend time with Dr Levy and listen to him speak at a integrative medical conference in Nashville.  I was so impressed with his experience and view on true health and healing.  To learn more about Dr Levy, log onto his website

Louis Pasteur, the discoverer of the germ theory of disease, is reported to have recounted his belief that germs cause disease on his deathbed by saying, The Microbe is Nothing, the Terrain is Everything.  This explains exactly the differing approaches to our pond story.  The lack of health of the terrain of the pond is what created the mosquitoes in the first place and not the lack of chemicals in the water.   If you believe that improving the terrain of your body is paramount to long term health, I encourage you to download and read the free Ebook here.


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