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Matt Davis, one of Nutrition World’s sponsored athletes, will be the guest poser for the Battle at the River in Chattanooga this weekend. In honor of that, we will be giving away some of his top recommendations at the show. Matt is known for his unique and thorough approach to the sport and health as a whole. He has compiled the list below briefly outlining the supplements he recommends on a daily basis.


Omega 3 Fish Oil
Omega 3s are an athlete’s best friend. Omega 3s offer benefits ranging from inflammation reduction, fat loss, insulin regulation, nerve health, and anti-aging all the way to energy production and muscle building.

Beetroot Sport Powder
Taking arginine and citrulline for years have yielded negligible effects in the realm of nitric oxide production. Beetroot has recently become a clinically proven nitric oxide increasing supplement aiding in blood flow, nutrient delivery and muscle pumps.

Insulin sensitivity is of the utmost importance in the athletic world; here is where Berberine is so helpful. With clinical trials proving its effectiveness even against the leading prescriptions for blood sugar support it should be a mainstay in any athletes regimen.

Nutrabio PRE
Essential Amino Acids, cyclic dextrin carb source, glutamine for recovery and a host of other holy beneficial nutrients make this one of the premier pre-workout supplements on the market.

Zinc Citrate
Someone in the gym will eventually get sick and sneeze on the dumbells. Zinc, with its highly immunoprotective capacity along with its impressive ability to aid in intestinal healing, makes it essential for gym rats and weekend warriors alike.

Nutrabio 100% Pure Creatine Monohydrate
There are many creatines but this classic staple continues to prove its worth for space in your gym bag. Essential for energy (ATP) production, recovery and muscle building; this cheap yet highly effective supplement should in one form or another be included in your regimen.

Ladies, don’t skip over this one because it’s not just for the guys. If testosterone production is a problem, DHEA may very well help the issue and especially for the older gym goer may prove to be a missing staple in the gym bag.

Carnitine Tartrate
The king of natural fat burning, this non-essential amino acid works great; especially when paired the aforementioned Omega 3s. Taken together, these 2 supplements have been clinically proven to drastically improve fat metabolism.

Magnesium Aspartate
There are many types of magnesium available but this one tends to be the easiest on the stomach. High bioavailability, essential in over 350 chemical reactions in the body, and very hard to get from diet alone; even a low dose every day may serve to be beneficial to almost everybody.

Trans Alanyl Glutamine seems to be the best glutamine for intestinal health and digestion, along with recovery. For those of us in the line of higher calorie, high protein diets, the better the health of the gut-the better digestion and absorption we can expect from our foods and supplements.

Organic rare earth dirt water that helps with digestion of the types of foods that those of us with this type of lifestyle tend to eat high amounts of. Essentially, Restore has been shown to heal the gut lining very effectively and may be beneficial for those who have trouble in that area.

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
Blood sugar is of the utmost importance and ACV is an easy addition to any meal. Proven to impact insulin response by as much as 20% in clinical trials, it is a cheap and highly effective supplement to help keep blood sugar in check.

Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt
We know how important electrolytes are and salt is one of the easiest ones to fall short on. Start slow adding this essential nutrient and see if your performance doesn’t increase.

Clean Machine Clean Green Protein
Just like muscles with training, our bodies need varying protein sources like whey and veggie to keep things new and exciting. Food allergies can be brought on by sole dependence on one source of protein.

Nutrabio Grass Fed Whey Isolate
By far one of the highest quality and cleanest proteins on the market. Grass Fed sourced whey and no b.s.

Nutrabio Super Carb
Cyclic dextrin with its rapid absorbability and easy digestibility makes it the perfect pre, intra, and/or post workout carb source. Cyclic Dextrin has a rapid transition to glycogen allowing it to be utilized immediately by the muscles in your workout.

Nutrabio Intra Blast
Much like the Pre, Intra Blast makes up for a lot of the slack left by competing intra workout supplements. Multiple essential amino acids at high doses, a great amount of glutamine, betaine for digestion and many other awesome ingredients make this easily one of the best intra workout BCAA/EAA supplements on the market.

For more information visit our store or contact Matt Davis’s gym, Train Station Fitness. Also, make sure to check out Matt’s Three Secrets to Performance video we hosted last year.


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