3 Simple Tips to Reduce Chronic Inflammation

So many people suffer from chronic inflammation. And, if you’re one of those affected, you may be wondering if there are ways to prevent and combat it.

First, know that you’re not alone. Chronic inflammation is a major problem in our country and worldwide. And, it’s linked to pretty much every major health condition. According to this article published by The National Center for Biotechnology Information, “chronic inflammatory diseases are the most significant cause of death in the world. The World Health Organization (WHO) noted that in 2000, nearly 125 million Americans were living with chronic conditions and 61 million (21%) had more than one. In recent estimates by Rand Corporation, in 2014 nearly 60% of Americans had at least one chronic condition, 42% had more than one and 12% of adults had 5 or more chronic conditions.”
Second, please understand that you don’t have to live this way. Chronic inflammation doesn’t happen overnight. And, it is preventable with proper nutrition and supplementation. But, if you already have chronic inflammation, it’s not a death sentence. You, too, can make lifestyle changes to reduce inflammation in the body. But, we have to get to the root of the issue, not only prescribe a treatment. And, that’s why we’ve done the research to provide you a few simple tips for lowering inflammation in the body.

Inflammation Tip #1: Limit Inflammatory Foods 

If you want to decrease inflammation, reduce your intake of the following:
  • Refined carbohydrates: Think breads, pastas, crackers, candy, etc.
  • Omega-6 oils: We need some omega-6 fats. But, an excess creates inflammation. Limit soybean oil, vegetable oil, margarine, fried foods, and junk food to name a few. 
  • Artificial sweeteners: There are so many artificial sweeteners on the market. And, all have exhibited signs of disrupting your body’s natural chemistry. Your diet soda may not have the sugar you are trying to avoid. But, it contains artificial sweeteners which are also harmful. 

Inflammation Tip #2: Supplement with Curcumin

Curcumin comes from the turmeric root. And, it has been clinically studied to show its tremendous anti-inflammatory effects. The key to receiving the greatest benefits from curcumin is to combine it with fat. It is a fat-soluble nutrient. This means that unless it’s combined with a fat, you’re not going to achieve the desired results. 
When looking for a curcumin supplement, you want to make sure that it is bioavailable. But, sprinkling turmeric on your food won’t give you those anti-inflammatory benefits. And, that’s why our friends at Solgar made Full Spectrum Curcumin. This supplement is 185x more bioavailable than native curcumin extract. They transform the curcumin from a fat-soluble to a water-soluble phytonutrient. This makes it immediately body-ready, faster absorbed and more active than ever before. 
One of the challenges with curcumin is there’s a limit to how much your body can absorb and actually use. Increased absorption means greater levels of active curcumin are released across pathways to support joint, brain, and immune health.
Finally, Solgar takes bioavailability and absorption to a whole new level. Unlike regular curcumin powder, Solgar starts with a 95% curcumin extract. The standardized active form, purified and concentrated from native turmeric root (Curcuma longa). Solgar surrounds and encapsulates standardized curcumin extract with microscopic, “water-loving” spheres called micelles. Micelles make the difference in absorption. They are so small that they allow curcumin to pass into the bloodstream. And, they have the ability to transform a dense and opaque powder into a clear, body-ready liquid. The clearer the liquid, the greater the bioavailability. The greater the bioavailability, the greater the absorption. And, the greater the absorption, the greater the power of curcumin.

Inflammation Tip #3: Reduce Your Stress Levels 

Now, you may be thinking much easier said than done. But, experiencing stress creates inflammation in the body! So, find ways to help you decompress each day. Relax to help lower those cortisol levels and get into a healthy state of mind. You could try:
  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Prayer
  • Hot baths
  • Sitting by a fire

Want to Learn More?

Implementing these few simple tips is a great start to begin decreasing your inflammationBut, if you still have questions about this topic, reach out to us to today to see how we can help you achieve optimal health and vitality. Our experts are here to help you live your best life.

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