3 incredibly exciting announcements from Nutrition World to our Chattanooga community

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If you would like to hear the recorded radio show of Ed Jones, Dr. Green, and Dr. Smith discussing this subject, please listen below.

Registered Dietician Joins Nutrition World!

Nutrition World is proud to announce the addition of Registered Dietician Courtney to our amazing staff. Courtney is now full time at Nutrition World and offers a vast amount of knowledge. Courtney has had a life-long interest in nutrition and is a graduate of UT Martin as an R.D. Her degree included 1200 hours of supervised dietetic practice. If you would like to speak to her about general questions concerning nutrition please call or email her at courtney@nutritionw.com.

I cannot express how delighted I am about the merging of different modalities within Nutrition World. Even a few years ago this could not have happened. We know we are truly more able to help others by bringing together a staff with many different dedicated professionals. We feel even more able to help others with their health. It is a dream come true.

The Keys to Lifelong Weight Management

The number one question at Nutrition World continues to be in regard to advice on both losing weight and keeping it off for the rest of our life. Nutrition World has certainly embraced this challenge with often revealing the myth that the answer to weight control is not to simply “eat less” but rather changing body blood chemistry. We all know friends and family where two people eat almost the exact amounts of food yet one is thin and one is obese. Why is this? The reasons have primarily to do with how the body chemistry reacts to food and calories rather than just the amount of calories. This lecture will solve the mystery.

Nutrition World is so proud to announce that on Tuesday, July 24 at 6:30 pm one of the leading experts in the country, Dr. Michael A Smith, M.D. will be traveling to Chattanooga to give a free 90-minute lecture on “The Keys to Weight Management”. This will be on the lower level of Nutrition World at the Wellness Corner. He has authored many books and publications and is often a keynote speaker at national events on health.

Dr. Michael Smith has an incredible background in health and wellness that is rare to find in medical professionals. Dr. Smith is often seen as an expert on broadcast media and was a recurring contributor on The Suzanne Show on the Lifetime Network and a guest on other nationally known television shows. He is a graduate of the University of Texas, Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas.

I had the pleasure of doing a recent radio interview with Dr. Smith on my weekly radio show and I was BLOWN AWAY by his expertise and integrative nutritional knowledge. My radio show sponsored by Memorial Hospital with my co-host Dr. Green, chief of staff, can be accessed at www.vitalhealthradio.com.

Dr. Smith will explain to all of us how to work toward establishing and rebalancing our body chemistry for the purpose of not only weight management but more importantly how to achieve optimal health for the remainder of our life. To listen and watch a 2-minute video of Dr. Smith speak on supplement wisdom Click HereOr if you would enjoy listening to Dr. Smith on the Four Steps for Every Diabetic, Click Here.

Rarely do we have the opportunity for such a life-changing lecture from a noted expert so I encourage anyone interested to sign up for this free lecture Click HERE

Biohacking:  A guide for transforming your life:

Biohacking is a relatively new term in our society that denotes exploring methods that allow our physical or emotional levels to reach new heights rarely known before in our lives.  

If you feel stuck in your life as to chronic conditions ranging from anxiety, pain or lack of life force, I encourage you to read further and consider this lecture.

Dr. Matt Smith is the owner of Rev chiropractic along with his wife, Dr. Monica located in Chattanooga.  I became familiar with Dr. Matt over the past 6 months when I continued to hear a number of his patients explain their amazing stories of how their physical and emotional life dramatically changed after they worked with Dr. Matt.  Don’t confuse the chiropractic title with our idea of adjusting the skeletal structure of the body. Dr. Matt certainly is trained in this modality, however, the Biohacking that Dr. Matt offers strongly focuses on the evaluation of the energetic system within our bodies and rebalancing this intricate system within us.  Due to the chaotic pace of our lives, poor diets, insomnia and nutritional deficiencies so common in today’s world we have become unbalanced within our energy wiring so that many feel like the “walking dead” much of their days.

To learn more of Dr. Matt, log onto their website at: http://www.revoptimalliving.com/ or to watch a 2-minute video of Dr. Matt log HERE.

Here is a paragraph from Dr. Matts’ website:  

As time went on, I began to see what it truly meant to work with the nerve system and was able to witness people going through the process of getting tuned up who were sick, hurting, mentally and physically impaired, immune compromised, etc.  After adjustments, I began seeing a “light” spark within people and as time went on we saw that their cells, tissues and organs were functioning at a higher level. This allowed people to heal from within and begin to express their fullest potential. Thanks to Dr. Sukhi and other amazing teachers along the way, I have been able to see so many people’s lives transform and I know it is my duty to help reintroduce our clients to their most optimal self, just as they did for me.”

~ Dr. Matt

There will be a five-part series and you can choose all or one.  Sign up HERE.

$15 for each class in the series OR $60 for all 5.

Following Dates:

  1. July 14th 10:00-11:30 – Biohacking: A Guide for Transforming Your Life
  2. August 4th 10:00-11:30 – Stress, Anxiety & Mindset
  3. August 28th 6:30-8 – Gut and Brain Nutrition
  4. September 18th 6:30-8 – Sleep & Energy
  5. October 16th 6:30-8 -Movement

Click Here to check out our events page for the other July events:

  • Mushrooms for mind, body and heart:  July 31
  • Ideal Protein Diet lecture:  July 12th

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