Probiotics for Immune Health

bottle of solaray probiotics

Did you know that around 70% of our immune system lives in the lining of our intestinal tract? 70%! That means our immune system operates at optimal function when our gut is healthy. So, how do we balance our gut? Probiotics.   Many of us have taken probiotics supplements at one time or another with…

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Probiotics-A Billion Good Decisions

I ask you to imagine the following two scenarios for your life:  The first is that you are sent away to live on an island where everyone is against you in some way and wants to constantly do harm to you and your body.    We can easily predict that our health, longevity and happiness…

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Did You Know 90% of Your Body Cells Are Not You!

One day years ago, I was sitting at a local blood testing lab and observed a picture on the wall of human blood cells and underneath it read “this is you”.  I don’t know why but this statement stirred my thought process for months about my body and what part of it is really me…

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