Miracles of Raw Aloe!

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Spending my entire adult life learning the benefits of natural remedies continues to convince me of their amazing healing properties that sometimes borders almost on magic.

Sometimes I am asked my opinion on what would be the #1 most effective and potent natural product sold today for optimizing our health. I have to answer with the following two items:

Aloe Vera and the herb Curcumin 

Today I will only write on the benefits of Aloe and will discuss the properties of Curcumin at a later time.

Aloe has been used for a myriad of health issues dating back to egyptian times.

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The inner leaf of this miracle plant can greatly stimulate external healing to any skin conditions such as cuts, acne, itch reliever, skin damage, scars, etc. I consider Aloe to be the ultimate first aid kit and should be stocked in every home for emergencies.

Despite all the vast skin conditions that may improve with Aloe, the drinking of the plant is where most of my excitement and passion is focused toward.

Aloe used internally has been shown to be extremely safe and effective as a anti-inflammatory, stomach soother, pain reliever, increases circulation, lowers toxic chemical levels, and a dozen medical issues that I cannot legally write about.

The problem with most Aloe sold commercially is that it is processed to a point where much of the benefits are vastly reduced because Aloe is only at its best when it is “Raw”.

I recently found a company that truly produces The company is The Herbal Answera 100% raw aloe that is totally unprocessed which increases the aloes power a dozen fold. The company is The Herbal Answer.






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