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How you could improve your health if you only wanted to spend:
I have learned that removing unhealthy items in our life may be a more powerful therapy for improving health than even adding healthier foods.

Three items that concern me for their potential to harm our health are chemicals in soaps, toothpastes and butter.     

95% of all products in this category contain questionable ingredients such as sodium laurel sulphates in soaps (which is a degreaser for engines), fluoride in toothpaste and hormones in butter.  Did you know fluoride was once used in other countries to treat over active thyroid because of its known ability to block thyroid function.  (Could this possibly explain the low thyroid epidemic?)

Below are the options that create a wiser plan for achieving better health with almost no effort or discipline and cost less than 5 bucks!

castile soap1.
Castile soap is 100% all natural soap. It is so pure that I have brushed my teeth with it, washed puppies, and its even gentle enough to wash babies !  We expose ourselves to many toxins in our life and just switching to this pure Castile soap would totally eliminate forever the unknown danger of these toxins and will save you money over whatever soap you are now purchasing!

spry-toothpaste2.  Your second under $5.00 option would be to switch from commercial toothpaste to Spry Xylitol toothpaste or a similar brand.  Xylitol toothpaste has amazingly pure ingredients, phenomenal taste, no fluoride and very effectively kills bacteria.

kerrygold3.  I am 100% convinced most of us would benefit from adding additional healthy fats to our diet. One of the foods making a comeback for our health is butter.   (nothing is worse for our health than margarine)  However the problem exists that when cattle are exposed to the massive chemical laden and antibiotic enhanced diets they consume, most of these toxins have a strong affinity for the fatty cells in their body.   This means you are ingesting high levels of these chemicals any time you eat regular butter.    This is why I ONLY recommend Organic or chemical free Butter.  Nutrition World now stocks Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter which is so delicious and pure and is under $5.00!

How you could improve your health if you  spend:
The #1 first goal to create optimal health is to improve your bodies ability to release the myriad of toxins that create so many diseases.  Since we cannot run from the massive amounts of toxins in our world, we must attempt to flush them out and not allow them to accumulate if we want optimal health.

In a study that tested the umbilical cords soon after birth of babies, it was found that blood samples from newborns contained an average of 287 toxins, including mercury, fire retardants, pesticides, and Teflon chemicals.

Of the 287 chemicals detected in umbilical cord blood, it’s known that:

• 180 cause cancer in humans or animals.
• 217 are toxic to your brain and nervous system.
• 208 cause birth defects or abnormal development in animal tests.

imgresThe most effective product that increases your bodies ability to excrete large amounts of disease producing poisons is the following:

 Any green food powder that contains organic ingredients of raw cruciferous vegetables. (These contain a substance called indole 3 carbinol which allows the passage of harmful hormones and chemicals).

2. The green drink MUST contain chlorella and spirulina which also lowers the heavy metal content in your body.  Green Vibrance offers “Green Superfood” which meets these specifications and is under $25.00!

How you could improve your health if you spend:

Water we drink daily can either be the source of a pristine pure elixir for health ora chemical hodgepodge of plastic, estrogens, antibiotics and hundreds of other health destroying substances.

I have searched for decades to learn which water units are truly removing the majority of chemicals and the truth is that most filters do very poorly at anything but chlorine. 

Seychelle filters are sold in 22 countries in the world and offer a carafe that you simply fill as needed to filter the water.   Seychelle has the amazing technology to remove 80% to 99% of everything including fluoride!

I love the taste of Seychelle and the replacement filter is only $25.00.

How you could improve your health if you wanted to spend:

2016-sick-and-tired-cover-367Acquiring knowledge and wisdom in today’s complex world of health is vitally important to prevent disease and maintain health.   Healthcare has now been hijacked by systems that operate mainly for the production of profits rather than improving your health.  Taking the responsibility for at least a part of your own self care is critical in the coming years.

If you would like to learn about the proper ways to eat, unhealthy foods that could be plummeting your health without you even realizing it, important supplements that some you may have never heard of before,  and many other jewels of information required for achieving optimal health and energy, Click Here.

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