How I turned my Protein Drink into Superman’s Nectar

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I vividly remember watching Superman on TV fifty years ago and was mesmerized by his endurance, strength and stamina as he battled his endless list of foes.

I imagined there had to be special substances on this earth that would transform a weak mortal such as myself into having at least a little more of what Superman possessed.  I now have come to realize that there is not any food on this earth that has the potential of turning me into a superman however I am very confident of one thing:  nature has definitely given us super-foods that can add years to our health and health to our years.  

protein-powderI have used protein drinks since I was 14 years old and now that I am turning 57, I have no plans of stopping now.  The change in all those years however is in how I choose which protein drink to use and what I mix with it.  When I look at labels on some brands of proteins online it makes me cringe due to the horrendous ingredients.  Artificial sweeteners, chemical colors, poor quality sources of proteins, etc are all ingredients I simply do not recommend or believe to be healthy. Nutrition companies have some of the highest ethics of any industry in this country excepting for the sports nutrition companies!   This is where you need to “let the buyer beware”.  At Nutrition World I am seriously committed to becoming the “gatekeeper” which means I will watch out for your  needs and safety with the products we offer on our shelves.      

The interesting part of this article is in evaluating the latest products that have been recently introduced that when added to your protein or smoothie drink,  greatly enhances your health and energy in so many impressive ways!  

Protein itself is a important part of recovering from exercise, producing healthy brain chemicals, helping hair and skin, preventing muscle loss, and offers dozens of other benefits.

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Imagine however adding a small amount of a whole food  powder to your protein drink that could purify your body of toxins, reduce inflammation, increase immune system strength or create long sustained energy!

daily-energyMegaFood company has been around since the 70’s and I respect them as one of the premier quality companies in the world producing nutritional supplements.   Just introduced last month is 4 items called  “Nutrient Booster Powders”.  I have personally used each of these items and I can tell you they are easy to add to drinks, contains whole food ingredients, unsweetened, farm fresh, soy and dairy free.  Adding one or more of these powders to a protein drink increases drastically the health benefits and results of your protein or smoothie.  This would be like adding a special liquid to your gas tank on each fill up that would increase engine life and give you increased horsepower to run on.  Who would not go for that?   My two favorites are the “Daily Energy” and the “Daily Purify” but they also offer “Daily Turmeric” and “Daily C-Protect”  These are highly researched formulas by some of the wisest individuals in the nutrition industry and you can trust the purity, potency and results of MegaFood.  They come with a small scoop  inside and adding one serving will transform your smoothie into something Superman would be proud to drink!


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