Americans’ Bodies Have Become the Landfill for Toxic Waste Part One

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Here I am recently in Atlanta learning from Dr. Robert Silverman in an all day seminar regarding the life-saving protocols to detox our bodies.  

Dr. Robert Silverman and Ed JonesDr. Silverman presented strong evidence pointing toward our own self-destruction if steps are not embraced to lessen toxins within our bodies.   The greatest news is that Dr. Silverman has created a protocol that facilitates the reduction of these poisons within our body and allows optimal health to flourish again!

He spoke of our bodies with the analogy of a chess game. Up until the past two decades the environmental dangers, as bad as they were, could primarily only take out the pawns in the chess game of health.  Now the destructive nature of our toxic environment has evolved to taking the King out instead of the pawn and BAM!  CHECKMATE-YOUR HEALTH IS FINISHED! 

Dr. Silverman believes that attaining optimal health is based almost fully on Treating the System, Not the Symptom:

Disregarding the underlying causes and treating only risk factors is like mopping up the flow around an overflowing sink instead of turning the faucet off!

The key organ that regulates every system of health is the Gut Barrier.  Maintaining and healing the gut lining is the crucial point of health.  I have said for years that many in the medical field believe that the intestines are no more than a piece of plumbing however now we know this is completely wrong.  The gut lining produces 70% of the immune system body chemistry and when the gut is unhealthy it decimates your chances of ever achieving great health.

Americans' bodies have become the landfill for toxic wasteOur colon has hair like projections called villi that line the entire tract and when these are healthy they absorb our nutrition and help to keep out the undigested molecules from entering our bloodstream.  Guess what?  GMO foods, antibiotics, pharmaceuticals, gluten, improper bacteria, and pathogens all flatten the villi and punch holes in the barrier of the gut which is now referred to as “leaky gut”.  Imagine if the roof of your house had tiny holes in it and the horrendously negative impact this would have on your life.   Leaky gut allows undigested poisons to enter your bloodstream and your immune system starts attacking it which creates massive damage and inflammation.
Everything from arthritis, Crohn's, autoimmune, cardiovascular disease and dozens of other conditions have their root cause in long-term inflammation. Click To Tweet

Let me be clear on this: If leaky gut remains unhealed, you have little hope of feeling well or staying healthy as the years progress.  Your life will be swallowed up in the medical system which will treat your symptoms with drugs until your life ends.  Ed Jones

Here are your 7 major steps to start detoxing today!

  • Stop adding additional toxins to your body by changing to eating clean, non gmo, chemical free foods for at least 50% of your diet
  • Shop for more cleanly grown local foods
  • Drink only truly pure water: (not cheap bottled or ineffective filtration)
  • Change all your cleaning products and skin care to chemical free
  • Eat or supplement with indole 3 carbinol daily from cruciferous vegetables
  • Aggressively build the microbiome probiotics daily with fermented foods and quality high dose probiotics
  • Read my FREE E-Book, “Are You Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired” to learn the exact foods and methods to improve your health. To access the FREE E-Book, click here

I will be writing in part two of this article on Dr. Silverman’s protocol for detoxing the entire body using medical food supplements that have only recently become available to the public.



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