7 Ways to Build a Strong Immune System for This Holiday Season

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Images of winter hold such fond memories for most of us.  Holiday times with family, feeling the crisp cold air in the morning, sitting in front of fireplaces and so many other enjoyable activities. Sadly winter includes increased illness.

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No one really knows why the spread of infections increases in December.  Theories abound as to the following;  close proximity of those who are infectious, houses and buildings with improper humidity, stagnant air, mold in buildings, lower levels of Vitamin D, etc.  

Knowing that we cannot evade all the coughs and handshakes that are coming our way, I encourage you to avail yourself of this healing toolbox of remedies in case the “bug” finds its way through your defenses.  

The first nugget of advice is to realize that utilizing natural remedies during an onslaught of any infection must be done aggressively and quickly.  Over the past 37 years I have observed a window of opportunity of only 48 hours that allows those natural therapies to be effective.    

Here is my list of powerful methods that I have observed to build a strong immune system:

1. Maintain a Vitamin D level of at least 50ng/ml

Very difficult to achieve optimal health if Vitamin D is deficient. I take 12,000 units every day to maintain this level.  Blood testing is available at Performance Medicine located below Nutrition World.

Holiday times with family, feeling the crisp cold air in the morning, sitting in front of fireplaces and so many other enjoyable activities. Click To Tweet
2. Take Epicor every day for prevention.

Research shows a doubling of the immune system within 24 hours. I have recommended this special natural product for kids and adults and very few are disappointed as to its ability to improve our immune defenses.

3. Probiotics produce at least 50% of your immune system cells.

Chlorine in water and antibiotics in meat and prescriptions devastate our probiotics).  Probulin is my favorite brand  due to its ability to pass through the stomach acids intact.    

acf4. The most important product to have on hand is Buried Treasure, ACF.

This is probably the most complete combination of herbal powerhouse products for rapid immune recovery available today.  I must say the taste is challenging but the results are worth it.  For those who cannot stomach the flavor of ACF I recommend purchasing Olive Leaf capsules and using 2 capsule three times daily.


Ed Jones meets Dr Hunninghake

5. Go to Performance Medicine next to Nutrition World and get a blood test called G6PD.

This qualifies you to receive the absolute most potent remedy available today,  Intravenous Vitamin C.  I have been receiving this IV and cannot tell you how incredibly effective this has been for me.  Many experts are truly alarmed because it appears we are at the end of the effectiveness of antibiotics.  This is another reason to search for natural alternatives to protect yourself and your family.  You can view the following amazingly informative video with Dr Mercola interviewing Dr Hunninghake, who I had the opportunity to meet several years ago.  Dr Hunninghake is one the foremost experts on this topic.

6. Use XLEAR nasal spray

Every few hours especially when exposed to others who are infectious or flying on planes.  The active ingredient in XLEAR, xylitol, has been shown to prevent bacteria and viruses from sticking to your mucous membranes.  

7. Understand that consuming sugar has the effects of substantially lowering your immune system.

This means with every piece of pie, candy or dessert you eat, your normal immune response shuts down for 4 hours. This is when you are most susceptible to infections.  

Nature is doing her best each moment to make us well. She exists for no other end. Do not resist. With the least inclination to be well, we should not be sick.

Henry David Thoreau





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