The Magical Healing Benefits of Essential Oils

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Did you realize that essential oils are actually the blood of a plant?

rosemary-oilThese oils are the extracts of the liquid parts of herbs, flowers and plants and research is confirming their almost magical healing powers. These oils are what the plant uses to protect itself from infection and disease so would it not make sense to consider that these substances would enhance our health? Essential oils have now become respected as a new viable treatment option for those who understand the potential risks of overuse of synthetic compounds and are searching for safer alternatives.

In the Archives Dermatology, February 2002 studies clearly explain benefits of quality essential oils in Dermatology. One example is Tea Tree. Tea Tree oil contains approximately 100 separate compounds and has been shown to nearly be as effective as benzoyl peroxide. Tea Tree, however, has the ability to penetrate through the deeper layers of the skin, unlike most substances. If I had to choose only one remedy if I were stranded on an island, it would be Tea Tree because of its wide range of positive effects and no other product can hold a candle to its potency. To view the study, Click Here


In the Clinic Periodontist Journal, 2003 on Gingivitis, it reports a study on how essential oil mouthwash kills microorganisms not by poisoning the bacteria but by inhibiting their enzymatic activity. There is a protective film that pathogens use to protect themselves from your own immune system called biofilms and this is one reason we are unable to find medicines to address the antibiotic resistance that is epidemic. The use of substances that can dissolve the “Biofilms” are a far better method to treat infections because it allows the natural healing capacity of your body to complete its job without having to resort to synthetic compounds that may have side effects. Enzymes such as serrapeptase are also recommended for dissolving Biofilms. To view this study on gingivitis, Click Here

In the Molecular Cell Biochemistry, 2005, it explains a study using oregano that showed its effectiveness in killing Staphylococcus aureus, E Coli, Klebsiella and H pylori. Oregano products that contains these active compounds that were used in the study must be carefully selected and not all oregano will be found to be effective. To view this study, Click Here

Hw-shakespeareSomeone recently drew my attention to a study on Rosemary essential oil, which showed that it improves memory and mental performance by a massive 60-75%! What’s more, these benefits came purely from using Rosemary essential oil in a room diffuser. The researchers also found that one of the key components of Rosemary essential oil — 1,8-cineole — was present in higher concentrations in the bloodstream of those who had been exposed to the oil. So having some Rosemary essential oil to sniff on your handkerchief is a great tip for anyone with exams coming up!

There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance.” — Hamlet

Read more about how rosemary can protect your brain with nootropics here.


So if modern science, Shakespeare, and personal experience all agree, there’s no room for argument!


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