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I want to share an amazing experience I had this week in regard to a new therapy that totally intrigued me as to its potential for improving health.

It is found in the unlikely place of East Ridge Tennessee. The official name is Halotherapy or commonly called a “salt cave”. It involved me sitting for 45 minutes in a large room that is attempting to replicate the old salt mines found in certain areas of the world. The walls, floors, and ceilings are comprised of unrefined salt along with two cups of dead sea salt air being pumped into the room. Stories abound for 100 plus years of how workers in underground salt mines were almost always considerably healthier than the average person due to breathing these microscopic particles of salt into their lungs. Sinus and lung disorders were rare in these underground workers. The salt treatments were first discovered in 1843 by Dr. Botchkovsky as a treatment for respiratory diseases. (source-new england journal of medicine). Not only lung health seems to be improved but skin conditions were also reported to show benefit such as psoriasis, eczema, cystic fibrosis and atopic dermatitis.

When I entered the large solid white room, it almost seemed like a memory I had of Ruby Falls that I experienced as a young kid. The room is solid white all around and has a tube from one wall that pumps the dead sea salt in tiny particles into the air as you relax for 45 minutes in the reclining chair. I found the time extremely quiet and peaceful and the only sound was that of air pumping the salt into the room. The air felt very clean and refreshing yet had no apparent smell to it. I finished my 45 minutes feeling extremely calm yet refreshed and was surprised how the time had flown by. I will be doing more of these treatments in the coming weeks however because I have healthy lungs and respiratory system, I am not perhaps the best test case. I will however be recommending it to many of our clients who struggle with chronic sinus and lung conditions, (with their physicians approval).

The salt treatments were first discovered in 1843 by Dr. Botchkovsky as a treatment for respiratory diseases. (source-new england journal of medicine).

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I have for years found fascinating the potential claims of “Salt Lamps” which attempt to accomplish a similar goal as a salt cave but can be placed in a room of your house. We sell “Salt Lamps” at Nutrition World for those interested.

Watch this video for more information on Salt Rooms…

To watch a truly eye opening video on the benefits of the right kind of salt that is used internally and for cooking by Dr Mercola.(Nutrition World carries this salt)


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