Why You Must Understand GMO’s to Protect Your Health

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Genetic engineering is being done without your knowledge…

Just when we all had plenty of concerns about our foods and their negative impact on our health and disease, a new threat is emerging that may overshadow all others. GMO, (genetically modified organism) is a method developed by large companies that involves changing the genetic structure, (the blueprint of all organisms passed on in our genes) of many of the common foods we eat everyday. This process is for the purpose of improving the resistance of plants to insects, increasing shelf life of foods and claiming to improve their nutritional content. At this time, genetic engineering is being done without your knowledge to corn, soy, sugar, papaya, and vegetable oil with many more foods to come. Corn and soy are found in so many foods due to their ability to be turned into a large variety of products such as sweeteners, meat substitutes, cheap fillers for many processed foods, raw materials for vitamins, pharmaceuticals and vaccines and of course feed for many of the farm animals that we harvest for our meats.

Common sense and logic in life is a very important asset in managing your health. This wisdom would speak to those of us who are aware that if a food has been changed genetically to contain it own insecticides, what will it do to our bodies after years of eating it!?

This question cannot be answered with any confidence without decades of studies which simply have not been done at this time. Secondly, the company promoting this insanity was also the same one that stated flatly that agent orange and DDT were safe products!

50 countries across the world will not allow GMO foods to be sold without labeling them however the United States has no such provision due to the influence of a rigged system that favors big money over health. The good news is that the public is starting to become aware of the need for labeling of GMO foods. Legislation will be voted on in many states over the next year that would guarantee we know the truth of which foods that are being sold to us are GMO. Until that time, you must seek out stores that realize the need to inform you what you are purchasing.

50 countries across the world will not allow GMO foods to be sold without labeling them however the United States has no such provision due to the influence of a rigged system that favors big money over health. Share on X

Progressive stores such as Nutrition World, that care about the quality of their foods and the health of their clients, focus on stocking clearly labeled foods that are Non-GMO so that we encourage the use of these foods. Studies clearly show that so many diseases such as autism, auto-immune, allergies, ADD, inflammation are skyrocketing and no one knows how much of this may be due to the consumption of GMO foods that have slipped into our food supply.

GMO_riceWouldn’t it be nice to go back to the foods before 1960 that were unaltered, grown on small farms, used very little pesticides and were grown as foods were meant to be before it turned into big business? The reality is that we all must recognize that those old days are gone forever and that you can no longer “trust” most of the foods supplied today unless you search out the superior pesticide and GMO free foods available at only select locations. How many of us would purchase a new computer without doing research and making the best decision based on what benefits us the most? Choosing foods today is no different! Haphazardly eating anything that is available without balancing it with safe foods has become a risky business for your long term health.

Just like the article last month where I explained how toxic many of our almonds have become due to a toxic chemical that companies are now using, it only makes common sense to purchase almonds such as the one’s Nutrition World sells. We are looking out for you and your health by eliminating any questionable foods.

Nutrition World will soon begin a labeling program for foods that we carry that have a guarantee of being Non-GMO so that you will have options available for choosing these foods when you shop here.

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