The Top 5 CBD Myths Explained

hemp plant

There is a lot of misinformation out there about CBD and hemp products. The market is now flooded with CBD stores. You can even buy it in gas stations! But, not all CBD is created equal. As always, we dedicate ourselves to researching everything holistic health so you can be informed. That’s why we’re here…

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Self Care Tips for Everyone

The idea of self care has received much needed attention in the last few years. Especially in the area of social media. The type of self care often portrayed is the trendy “once a week sparkly bath bomb.” Now, if bath bombs bring you relaxation, peace, hopefulness or a renewed energy, then bring on those…

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Are depression and anxiety really due to a deficiency of drugs?

A doctor named Weston Price long ago heard of native cultures around the world where almost all the people were free of disease and depression. He traveled to find these small communities of people who had astounding health in order to learn their secrets. He documented his research in the Price’s masterpiece book, Nutrition and…

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