B-Complex Vitamins: Your Top Questions Answered

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The Complexities of B-Complex Vitamins

The B-Complex Vitamins have long been known for their role in the body’s ability to produce the energy it needs to function well. Our bodies don’t store B vitamins. So, that means we need to get them every day, either through our diet or with supplements.

Many foods contain essential B vitamins. However, due to some dietary choices (e.g. vegetarianism), it’s not always possible to consume all the B vitamins our bodies need. Certain medications like metformin, taken for diabetes, can lead to Vitamin B deficiencies as well.

Other reasons to supplement your B vitamins include age, pregnancy, medical conditions, and genetics. Your medical professional or wellness coach can help you know if B-Complex Vitamins are a good supplement choice for you.

The Many Questions about B-Complex Vitamins

Over the years, we’ve spoken to thousands of customers about B-Complex Vitamins. And again and again, we get asked similar questions about B vitamin supplements. We thought we’d list the top questions we field from our Nutrition World customers on the topic. And share our wellness experts’ answers with you.

How much B-Complex should I take? Read this if you’re struggling with sleep!

Answer:  Varies among individuals but I recommend between 10mg twice daily to 50mg twice daily with food. I find a small percentage of individuals may not sleep as well if taken at evening meal so often I will do it at breakfast and lunch.   

What does Vitamin B do for me?

Answer:  The first is it helps convert food to energy.  This is one reason some feel increased energy upon starting B-Complex. B-Complex also has a variety of benefits such as maintaining nerve health, skin appearance, hair and nails, prevention of birth defects, thyroid health, improving fatigue, lowering stress, mental status, sleep, balancing genes such as MTHFR, and dozens of other positive effects on our health.   

How important is B-Complex for vegans?

Answer:  Vegetarians can often be deficient in vitamin B due to the lack of B-12 in their diet. So it is imperative they consider supplementing with B-complex. Some individuals must use sublingual form for absorption.  

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What is in a B-Complex?

Answer:  Some B-Complex vitamins have the eight B vitamins in them.

B-1 (Thiamine), B-2 (Riboflavin), Niacin, B-6 (Pyridoxine), Folate, B-12 (Cyanocobalamin), Biotin, Pantothenic Acid.

Other formulas also include Inositol and PABA.

Inositol used to be known as Vitamin B8, which is why it’s sometimes still included in B-Complex formulas. After more research, however, we now recognize Inositol as a type of sugar alcohol. It’s similar structure to glucose helps our bodies process insulin.

PABA was also formerly known as a B vitamin. While we suggest supplementing with folate vs folic acid, PABA is a chemical found in folic acid. You can find PABA in eggs, milk, and dairy. However, our vegan friends have a harder time finding foods with PABA. While PABA has many uses, it helps your body produce folate, an essential B vitamin. But taking PABA will not produce the amount of folate your body needs on its own.

Can B-Complex cause headaches?

Answer:  That would be a rare side effect but is possible.   

What is the best B-Complex on the market?

Answer:  The first part of this that is important is what should not be in the B-Complex. Firstly is to not have synthetic folic acid. Studies are indicating that natural Folate instead of Folic is preferable. Secondly is to not have synthetics such as Titanium Dioxide, Red Dyes, Talc, or any other chemical ingredient that is commonly found in low quality products. Next is what must be in the product.  I prefer capsules to ensure fast digestion and absorption. Lastly is a type of B vitamins referred to as “Co-enzymated.” This is a special process that improves absorption and digestion by doing much of the work that normally must be done by the body but bypasses this process.  

Can B-complex cause anxiety?

Answer:  My experience is the opposite for most individuals. However, everyone reacts differently to foods and nutrients and in rare cases it could produce excessive energy which may be seen as anxiety.  

Can B-Complex cause the urine to be yellow in color?

Answer:  Absolutely yes!  This in no way is harmful, and it reminds us to stay hydrated by drinking pure water. 

Does B-Complex help individuals to lose weight?

Answer:  Generally not in my opinion. However, if B-Complex increases energy, and that energy gets used in exercise then it is possible for weight loss.  

Is B-Complex good for high blood pressure?

Answer:  The studies show that settling our nervous system can, in some cases, lower stress, which of course may lower blood pressure. However B-Complex is not a treatment for blood pressure.  

Can B-Complex cause heart palpitations?

Answer:  Anytime you adjust or support the nervous system with supporting nutrition you may temporarily experience a feeling of palpitations at night.  These generally pass quickly. 

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