Operations Specialist

Ashley Shotwell

Ashley is such a friendly, helping hand when you walk into our store. She is great at helping customers find the products they need to improve their health and always does so with a smile.

Living in my home state of Vermont, I was able to learn about a variety of holistic lifestyles and foraging plants in nature. I was first inspired by Andrew Weil and his healing practices around food and the mind body connection. I was very ill in college due to a kidney infection which was brought on by an assortment of issues. My diet was terrible, I didn’t exercise often, didn’t drink enough water and my body felt very malnourished. Since then, my mission has been to explore an array of healing possibilities. I’ve grown to love the supplementation with both herbal medicines and mushrooms! After settling into Chattanooga, I’ve also earned my certification in teaching yoga and meditation practices as well as switching to a plant based diet. I enjoy the continuous education I receive from Nutrition World and I love supporting a local business that really focuses on helping people. I couldn’t be happier to be apart of this charming business and family!