Cady Kuhlman

With the baton being handed to her by her father, Cady is solidifying her role as the future leader of Nutrition World. You can find Cady helping customers achieve their optimal health, planning for future business ventures, bringing the best events to the store, and ensuring that Nutrition World is Chattanooga’s leading health store for years to come.


I have been fortunate enough to spend most of my days on Earth immersed in a holistic lifestyle. As a child, I was raised on all things from the earth. As an adult, I began to find my way and passion with the health food industry to realize it is truly one of the great loves of my life. I work at Nutrition World solely because it fuels my fire to help improve the lives of people in our community. Often times when I see someone helped by an herb, a holistic remedy, or something from this earth, it brings tears to my eyes. Most all of the medicine that our bodies need has always been right here on this planet to help heal our magnificently mysteriously bodies.

I feel my area of expertise is meeting a person’s needs wherever that person may be at in that moment of their life. I greatly enjoy helping people lose weight through a ketogenic lifestyle, setting people up on supplements that support the basic foundations for health preventative care lifestyle and finally, helping with all things related to gut health. I love the power of fermented goodies. I feel I am able to see a need for a customer and help get them the best information, herb, or knowledge possible to meet their need at that time.

I completed my Masters in Holistic Nutrition Spring of 2018. I am Yoga Alliance certified at 200 hours. I am a Dale Carnegie Assistant Teacher graduate. Most of all, I fall in love with my career more and more every single year.