Content Creator

Brian Strickland

Brian is the guy that makes Nutrition World's image look good to the public. With his eye for design and knowledge of what people are looking for, he helps promote our look and brand to you.

I’ve always had an interest in how our bodies work. After completing degrees in business and biology, I was looking for a place that I could utilize both subjects to their fullest extent. I worked in retail operations for around seven years before I joined the Nutrition World team in 2016. I began here as an operations specialist, but grew into the position of Operations Manager. Nutrition World has provided a unique environment where I can not only be a part of what I am passionate about, but also join a team that endeavors to improve their community through support and education. Supplementation wasn't a large part of my life before working here, but since I began I've quickly come to realize the necessity of giving your body the proper nutrients to function properly. It’s amazing to me that we are able to utilize natural substances to achieve our optimal health, and I continue to learn the important roles that supplementation, healthy foods, and exercise play in maintaining our overall wellness. I’m extremely grateful and proud to be a part of this team dedicated to improving the health of the Chattanooga area.